Arbortech Power Carvers

Arbortech Pre-Assembled Power Chisel

Excellent for large scale, heavy-duty carving and chiseling. Includes Arbortech's 6.4 amp 12,000 RPM grinder a 3/4" straight chisel and a 3/4" #7 gouge.


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Arbortech Mini-Grinder

With the 2" Mini-Grinder you can work to a surprising level of detail and leave surfaces far smoother than you'd expect. You can incise flutes, undercut deep reliefs, or raise the delicate veins of a leaf, and then sand all those surfaces to 120 grit to boot.


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Arbortech Pro-4 Kit

With the Pro-4 Kit you can rapidly cut away the waste in 3-dimensional carvings or relief work, leaving the ground chisel-textured or as smooth as you please.


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Arbortech Industrial Pro-Kit

Arbortech's Industrial Pro-Kit features a carbide-tipped blade with replaceable teeth that rotate to expose fresh, sharp edges for very long life. Resharpen with diamond paddles.


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