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I installed the aluminum oxide wheel I got for my bench grinder and noticed it "wobbles". Could my wheel be warped?


Orin Coakley


We've noticed that getting the wheels on a bench grinder to spin true can be more involved than just loosening a nut, changing a wheel and retightening the nut. We've created a handout that covers some of the issues you may encounter with a wheel that spins with excessive wobble.

Here is a link to the handout:

If you'd like to download a printable PDF copy, click here.

(Note to readers: our conversations with Orin in helping him deal with grinder wheel wobble proved quite useful, and we thought that the steps we mapped out could prove helpful to others. We'd like to credit Orin with the tip on using CA glue to stabilize a nesting bushing.)

Ed Scent
Highland Woodworking


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