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A Two Minute Safety Tip

Some of the oldest advice is still sage advice and was passed down to me by different folks working in different professions, but they all deal with staying focused on the job.

Be Alert

Don’t work when you get mad or frustrated. Put everything down, (turn off all power tools) walk away and count to 10; or if really ticked off, 100.

Take stretch breaks every so often depending on the type of work being done. If you are able go outside to get fresh air, try doing some of the old P.E. drills we all did in elementary school (jumping jacks, toe touches, windmills, you get the idea). Gets the blood flowing and stimulates the brain.


Always have access to a phone (home or cell).. If you are injured you may not be able to make it up the stairs or out of the shop to call for help. When I am going to the shop I always tell my wife or kids where I will be and about how long I will be out there.

There are still house wire intercoms that are good for staying in contact. Radio Shack sold the pair that I had and they are cheap. Another option may be a baby monitor that plugs in.

Just some quick safety thoughts!
Bob Jordan

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