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I'm sort of new to bandsaws, but I want to use mine for cutting pieces out of whole, small logs to make picture frame material. I would like a nice 80" resaw blade for my bandsaw so I can rip pieces out of the small logs I get. The current blade I have does not cut along the grain very well at all.

Can you point me in the right direction as to what's the best blade you sell for this job?

Thanks in advance.

Dan R.
Enosburg, Vermont



To process lumber from logs, you would NOT want to use our Wood Slicer resaw blade. That blade is for kiln dried lumber and the set on the teeth is too minimal to give the clearance you need to process logs into planks.

You would need a more aggressive blade like our:
general purpose 1/2" blade (3 TPI, hook)

or our
Woodturner's blade (3/8" wide - also 3 TPI, raker)

Do keep in mind that cutting round logs on a bandsaw is dangerous. A bandsaw is designed to cut flat stock. This means that the wood should be fully supported by the table right at the blade. When you cut round logs, there is a gap between where the bottom of the blade exits the cut from the wood and the table. This gap will vary depending on the diameter of the log you are cutting. This space can allow the stock to be forcibly rolled or turned as you cut, and for the blade to pinch or jam in the cut. It can also slam down the wood and close the gap as the force of the moving blade grabs the wood and drags it towards the table. If you get a finger in the way, it can crush or pinch it badly, or may even throw your flesh into the moving blade.

The safest way to cut a log is to secure it in a sled so you can make a cut on the log (creating a flat spot so you can make further safe cuts) without any chance of the log rolling while you cut.

It is possible to make your own sled for your bandsaw. Here is one example .

Ed Scent
Highland Woodworking


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