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Rotary Tool Safety

I was relatively new to rotary tools a few years ago, and I found myself sitting and thinking about my project with the Dremel still running.

I have long hair and it didn't take but a second of inattention to manage to catch some in the front and twist it around the spinning drill.

I now wear a Foredom Helmet for good respiratory protection AND a full-face shield. I also braid my hair back so that it doesn't get caught any more. Between the braiding and the helmet, I don't think it will happen again. Also, if I am going to stop and think about the piece for a while, I shut the rotary machine down.

I so love foot controls on my Foredom and Super carver because after years of sewing, it is natural for me to remove my foot when I complete a job.

Sometimes, I just have to take extra measures to avoid my own bad habits from causing problems. Be Safe!

Jeanne Kent

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