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My good sized shop is built on a concrete floor in an old, old barn. Some of the tools are on dirt and the benches on the concrete. I have been a novice woodworker for several years, but I do understand the entire 756 sq. ft floor needs a new concrete floor. At this time it would be out of reach, cost-wise, to have this project completed. I have shimmed all the tools, but continue to get poor cuts. If you can, please help this retired Navy sailor find a solution. If not, may your seas be calm and your children healthy...

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You may want to make a plywood frame (using pressure treated wood) and sheath it with pressure treated plywood. This subfloor could be done over a large area or in smaller sections to house a single tool and work space (4' x 8' or 8'x8'). You can shim the assembly for level and then have stability for your tools.

In the dirt sections you could consider laying out 1' x 1' square (or larger) patio pavers over an area and then lay down plywood on top for level and comfort.


Ed Scent
Highland Woodworking


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