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Table Saw Safety Tips

Before you perform any cut on your table saw, stop and plan the cut. By this I mean, examine the cut that you are about to perform and ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Can the cut be made with the blade guard on? Put the blade guard on!
  2. What push pad or push stick am I going to use? You don't have one? Stop and build one as your first wood working project!
  3. Where is the push stick or push pad and is it within easy reach when I will need it during the cut?
  4. Is there anything in the way that will interfere with the board as it is pushed off the back of the saw?
  5. Is there anything that makes me feel uncomfortable about making this cut? If so, don't do it. Stop and reexamine everything.
  6. Where's your safety glasses and ear protection? Put them on!

John Smith
Phoenix, AZ

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