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Safety Tip: Planning Ahead For a Cut

I would like to share two tips. First is to go over the project in your head the night before, (like aerial pilots going over their routines before a flight) while going to sleep, visualizing every step. I find this not only helps me fall asleep quicker, but those 'going over each step' thoughts help me find solutions and problems before I do them. Then when I am in the shop or hobby room (I also do this for the models I build) the next day, I have a good plan somewhat laid out, and there are no surprises.

Another thing I do is just stand back and look at everything around my area before I make a cut. Are all pieces of off cuts off the table, are all tools out of my path of cut or where my hands will be, no rags hanging where they shouldn't be, generally making sure the path is clear for where the wood I am cutting will end up. I do this every time as a habit, even if I have only done it 5 minutes before. It only takes a few seconds, but you may have forgotten you just laid that square on the table which could get in the way at a critical time. I am the safety champion at work in my real job, so I carry that home with me every day.

Tony Burgess

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