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Here's My Workshop!

Henry Parslow
Poughkeepsie, NY

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

I built my productive but small woodworking shop over my garage in 1987. As time passed I added different power tools and hand tools slowly as I was not going to retire for a couple of decades. I did however do woodworking for my own personal use.

I retired from my job as a self-employed carpenter in 2006.

I have a stairway behind my band saw and drill press that can not be seen in the pictures that leads directly to the outside. On the other end of the shop (south side) I have double doors that open to a width of 48" if needed. So far I have had no trouble getting heavy equipment up the stairs.

I love my table saw, band saw, thickness planer, jointer, small lathe, and my Kreg jig. I use a radial saw for cutting boards to length only. I do my miters mostly on the table saw using a jig I made. I have a router table I made for moldings.

I have built numerous items for family and friends. I try to get up to my shop every day I am at home, which is most days. If I'm not working with wood I clean, sharpen or repair my tools, keeping them always on the ready for the next project.

I try not to make many repeat projects. I enjoy making all sorts of things from small keepsake boxes to grandfather clocks, of which I have done four already from rough cut lumber (not kits) that I planed and faced myself. Three of the clocks I built for my daughters were made from Black Walnut trees cut and milled within 7 miles of my shop.

I am very happy with my little productive shop, and am happy with the layout and the machinery and tools I use to shape and cut the wood that I use. A few have asked me why I do not do woodworking commercially. I can honestly tell them that it would take the fun out of it due to the fact that time is money when you do it commercially. I like to take my time and enjoy.

Woodworking is the most satisfying and relaxing thing I have ever done and hope to have many more years of relaxing times spent in my little woodworking shop.

This is the stairway entrance on the west side.

Southwest corner

Looking south

Northwest corner. The band saw is stationary.

Northeast corner has my jointer and drill press.

East side view - the radial arm saw I use for cross cutting only and my pocket hole jig.

Southeast corner is for my jigs.

My downstairs work station.

The sewing table shown in the three pictures above was crafted for my granddaughter who is 10 years old and loves to sew, compliments of my wife.

The two pictures above show the desk I made for my grandson - it is all pine.

I built this cherry secretary desk for my granddaughter.

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