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Jewelry Chest made of butternut

Spotlight on Mickey Hudspeth, Chip Carver

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

Mickey Hudspeth teaches the Introduction to Chip Carving class at Highland a few times a year. Since it is an intro class, we weren't sure how much Mickey gets to show off the impressive advanced chip carving work he regularly produces, so we thought we would show it off for him. Take a look below at some of his pieces and sign up for Mickey's next class at Highland if any of these pieces inspire you to want to try your hand at chip carving!

Spice/tea chest made of butternut and basswood

Nearly mirror image urns made of butternut and basswood

Basswood/walnut urn

Bowls made of basswood with walnut bases

Sheet music chest made of basswood

Reliquary made of butternut and basswood

Chip carved bowl made of basswood with walnut dividers

Birdhouses made of basswood and walnut

Desk Kaddy made of basswood and butternut

Jewelry chest made of basswood

Small pedestal bowls made of basswood with walnut bases

Large pedestal table constructed of basswood

Small pedestal table from my early days of chip carving

If you would like to see more of Mickey's chip carving pieces or find out more about the pieces shown here, you can take a look at his website .

CLICK HERE to sign up for Mickey's next class at Highland.

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