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I'm looking at your throat plates but am not sure if what you're selling will fit my Craftsman 113.298341 10" saw.

The measurements on my current throat plate are only 12" long, but the online specifications show 14+ inches. Is this supposed to be trimmed to length? Also my current plate has a screw down in front and a catch in the back. What holds this plate in place? The thickness sounds about right and that is the problem with getting a plate for this saw as it is so thin.




The manufacturer of our phenolic zero clearance throatplate inserts does not make every size needed for all saws. The Craftsman sizes he makes are for the most prevelant models in the marketplace.

If a phenolic throat plate is not available, then if you have an existing throatplate, you can use it as a template to create your own zero clearance throatplates. It means you have to source plywood or some material the same thickness or slightly less thick than the original (and figure on shimming it level with the saw's top). You can use a flush trim router bit to copy your existing insert.


Ed Scent
Highland Woodworking


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