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Snazzy Wood Ties

by Alf Sharp
Woodbury, TN

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After a half-hearted attempt at a law degree, I discovered my true vocation in fine furnituremaking. Thirty-five years later I am still at it with as much enthusiasm as I had at the beginning. Almost all of my work is done on a custom commission basis, in close collaboration with clients and their designers.

I specialize in 18th and 19th Century American and European design. I enjoy Beidermeier, Art Deco, Chinese, and contemporary design. My own original work has, most often, at least a toe-hold in tradition.

My pieces can be seen in historical homes and museums throughout the US, as well as in fine private homes nationally. I am the recipient of the 2008 Cartouche award from The Society of American Period Furniture Makers and a past President of the Furniture Society. When I'm not absorbed in the woodshop or playing with my grandchildren, I enjoy restoring and driving classic British sportscars.

My favorite things to make are wooden bow ties, which I create in a small batch process. I glue up a panel large enough to make eight ties with the desired design – plain grain, bias stripes, laminates, or polka dots – all out of solid wood except for the dots, which are acrylic. The ties are roughed out on a CNC router. I then refine and smooth the surfaces, add finish, and attach the Velcro neck band. New designs and combinations are always popping into my mind, which is the most fun part of the process.

To see more of Alf's Snazzy Wood Ties, you can go to the Snazzy Wood Tie website at .

Below are more of Alf's woodworking pieces:

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You can email Alf at and be sure to check out his website at .

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