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An Australian Workshop from Down Under

by Steve Hay
Queensland, Australia

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

My name is Steve Hay and these are some photos of my workshop. I have a TV Show filmed inside my shop, which is shown around Australia. You can view the show by CLICKING HERE . It's amazing how we can fit everything into the show.

All in all a very happy and creative place to be, even if it is a little over populated at times. Hope it gives you a smile.

The tranquil harmony of a well ordered workshop,
Clean, Un-cluttered and Peaceful.
All machines and Tools stand ready for the creation of
a new piece. (If only they knew!)
A work bench is the place where the creativity and pieces
come to life, unfortunately it never seems to stay clean
once work has started.
Even the machining part of the workshop looks at rest.
I like to keep the noisy bits as far away
from my bench as possible.
One of the best tools for cutting a precise mitre is a
well-used Picture Framers Guillotine and to the
side the most important piece of equipment, the fridge,
just for glues and shellac you understand!
Grandchildren started to move in at an early age.
Real tools, Real bench but "NO CHISELS" until they are 14.
They are amassing a good collection of hand-me-down tools
and equipment and know how to use them as well.
To save the good stuff I have allocated a section where
they can forage and be real woodworkers.
Not letting them in here for a while, but I have to have
a stash as well. It's an Aladdin's cave of delight
with the frequent discovery of timber and veneers
that I have not seen for over 20 years and forgot I had.
I was told I'll never use it all in 2 lifetimes, but my
philosophy is that I would prefer to die and leave timber
behind than live and have none with which to play.
Something special about wood on wood the dull thump
and the noise made by crisp splitting fibres.
If given a preference, I would love to work totally with
hand tools, the smell of oil finish and the sound
of wood being shaved with a well-tuned
and well used hand plane.
Routers do good work quickly, but working with rounds
and hollows can give the work a more personal look
and feel with unique mouldings.
I use Hide Glue almost exclusively and find it helps to
keep me to be centered and pace myself because
you just can't rush it. It will be dry when it's DRY.
There is a disturbance in the force
as a TV Series start to be made.
Less room for Work Space and Tools as the hordes
move in. The 1st shoot we had 3 cameras and now we are
filming with 7-8 cameras. That means I can't get away
with as much as I used to.
The dreaded Countdown screen, there go the opportunities
to dream, think, muse, and leisurely sip a mug of warm
coffee. Everything is timed to the second.
A shot taken from Season 1,
while I'm fitting a draw bottom.
Bob the wonder dog wants to be part of the action
and decided to chew on a cabriole leg while we were filming.
Nice One BOB.
This is the result. OH well, maybe I should have listened
to W.C. Fields ‘Never work with Children or Animals.'
But in truth he's the Star I'm his straight man.
One of the bonuses of doing the show is I get to use
new machines that are much quieter than my
30 year workhorse that I had to retire.
Playing Musical Chairs with Machinery in between scenes.
These times make me think back to
how nice it was at Picture 1.
The magic of TV requires lots of preparation, sweat,
tears and as the photo shows, MESS!
Back to some real work and the
peace returns for a short time.
Sometimes, for no other reason, except that I can,
I love to use a drawknife to shape timber and finish it off
with spoke-shaves, leaving the noise and madness
behind for just little while.
Starting to introduce the young ones to the joys of machines.
These are very quiet so no requirement for ear protection,
unlike the monster I had before. They do have a safety
switch and are out of bounds when I'm not there.
Just an artistic shot of the Woodshed, the place full of
potential dreams and creativity. It smells wonderful as well.
Professional shot of the completed Project for Season 1
of ‘Woodworking Masterclass', the name of the TV series
we are making in Australia. Season 3 is currently underway.
Recently made this piece in between other commitments.
It's wonderful to be in control of my own time and thoughts
once more. The plan is for another chair and a table
to match, with a chess board inlayed into it and will be
for when I require other recreational activities.
External shot of the Workshop, far right. Timber Shed in
the middle and the front shed best not be mentioned.
It's a mess, full of other machines, timber, half-finished
projects, and frankly, I don't want to know what else.

To view Steve's television show, CLICK HERE .

You can view Steve's website and get in contact with him at: .

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