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We all know how the Saw Stop works with hot dogs and even chicken but what happens if you cut pressure treated lumber that is still slightly wet? It often comes that way from the big box stores.

Marvin Cok



You can make test cuts with the saw in "bypass mode". The saw will tell you if the material you test cut is too wet and would trigger the braking mechanism.

If you wanted to cut the wet wood immediately, you could choose to perform your cuts in "by-pass mode" (without the safety brake protection active).

SawStop says that most wet - pressure treated wood would be dry enough to cut with the safety system active by leaving it out in a dry location, not stacked (so air can circulate around the wood) for 24 hrs.

Obviously you want to use the saw only with the braking system active, but you can cut highly conductive materials like aluminum with the saw in "by-pass mode" if you desire.

See the instruction manual HERE for the saw for a complete picture on cutting wet, pressure treated wood. Go to page 57 to read the specifics on the bypass mode and cutting conductive materials. It is very straight forward and easy to see how it is done.


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