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Woodworking Basics - Build a Tool Storage Box with Jim Dillon
Woodworking Basics Class
Build a Tool Storage Box
with Jim Dillon August 16

In Japanese Woodworking Tools: Their Spirit, Tradition, and Use , Toshio Odate describes a traditional toolbox used by Japanese carpenters for carrying their tools to the jobsite and storing them when not in use. In this class, you'll build a pine box inspired by Odate's design and take it home ready to use. The class will focus on basic skills like crosscutting, clamping, and boring and is ideal for beginning woodworkers.

Build a Tool Storage Box Class
with Jim Dillon, August 16

Highland's Upcoming Woodworking Class Schedule in Atlanta

Many classes fill up quickly, so please register now to make sure we hold a spot for you.

Aug 9 Introduction to Marquetry
Aug 16 Build a Tool Storage Box
Aug 16 Finishing 101
Aug 17 Router Basics
Aug 27 French Polish Workshop
Aug 30 Beginning Turning
Sep 6 Hand Cut Dovetails
Sep 7 Bandsaw Basics
Sep 13 Spray Finishing
Sep 16 Hand Tool Sharpening
Sep 18 Milling & Jointing Lumber
Sep 20 Carve a Wooden Spoon
Sep 21 Turn a Peppermill
Sep 27-28 Build a Shaker Candle Box

Classes Suitable for Teens

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Rikon Bandsaws and Planers

Bandsaws and Planers

10" Bandsaw 10-305
List $279.99   SALE $199.99
14" Bandsaw 10-325
List $999.99   SALE $799.99
14" Pro Bandsaw 10-351
List $1499.99   SALE $1299.99
16" Helical Thickness Planer 23-400H
List $2699.99   SALE $2299.99
12" Helical Planer-Jointer 25-200H
List $2799.99   SALE $2399.99

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Show Us Your Woodworking!

woodworking tools

This month we are featuring the custom furniture of Zack Schaffer who incorporates several different design styles in his furniture, including several Chaffin-inspired and Bombé pieces.

CLICK HERE to see more of Zack's projects:
Show Us Your Woodcarving!

woodworking tools

This month we are featuring a variety of carving projects by Peter Burrowes, who began carving by whittling chains after being taught by his father.

CLICK HERE to see more of Peter's woodcarvings:
Tips From
Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop

Sticks in the Mud Workshop Tips By Jim Randolph
Long Beach, MS

In this month's "Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop", Jim Randolph offers a tip on a "local neighborhood spot" to get your wood pressure-washed. He also has a tip on how to not waste any leftover paint you may have from a project.

CLICK HERE to read this month's tips from Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop!

Safety Tip Banner

This month we have a tip on how to leave your stress outside the shop so you don't let it cause dangerous mistakes.

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Ask the Staff

Question:  I am finishing a highly carved clock case. It was suggested that I use stain conditioner, but once I had applied the conditioner, the wood became much darker than expected. I do not wish to add further stain, which will only darken the wood. My question is, can I apply a clear finish directly on the conditioner?

For more details and the answer, CLICK HERE:

E-mail us with your woodworking questions. If yours is selected for publication, we'll send you a free Highland Woodworking hat.
Finishing Wood with Alan Noel

wood finishing Gilding Powders

Gilding powders or "bronzing powders" are very useful for decorating furniture and objects of art and they come in many colors. The most common techniques in finishing where you would use gilding powders include pin striping and stenciling.

Here are SIX helpful tips to remember when using gilding powders:

Woodturning has become the fastest growing part of the woodworking community. To give it the attention it deserves, we now offer a free monthly online publication devoted entirely to woodturning.

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Woodworking Tool Catalog

Our latest Woodworking Catalog is available to browse online!

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FREE SHIPPING on Leigh Jigs in lower 48 states

Leigh Jigs Our Leigh Dovetail Jigs and Frame Mortise and Tenon Jigs will turn your shop into a cabinet factory.

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Tools of the Trade Banner

Charles Brock has singled out the specific tools he uses when building his sculptured chairs and listed them in one place for easy selection by woodworkers undertaking this challenging project.

Check Out the Tools of the Trade:


Inside This Issue
Wood Pallet Projects Book Review
Tips from Sticks-in-the-Mud Woodshop
Show Us Your Shop
Building an Electric Bass Guitar
The Down to Earth Woodworker
Q&A: Stain Conditioner Finishing
Tool Review: Kreg Rip-Cut
Woodturning with a Cause
Show Us Your Stuff
Show Us Your Carving
FINISHING: Gilding Powders
SAFETY: Stress-Free Workshop

Show Your Shop!

For this popular monthly column, we invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your woodworking shop along with captions and a brief history and description of your woodworking. (Email photos at 800x600 resolution.) Receive a $50 store credit if we show your shop in a future issue.

Show Us Your Shop!

This month we are featuring the newly constructed shop of Lyn Baker in Yellville, Arkansas, which he shares with his wife, and features a back deck!

CLICK HERE to take a closer look at Lyn's shop:
Down to Earth Woodworker Banner

By Steven D. Johnson
Racine, Wisconsin

This Year's Biggest Woodworking Mistake (So Far)

The Runner-Up Screw-Up

5S In The Woodworking Shop – A Learning Opportunity

Healthy Egos

Insightful, Controversial, and Funny Reader Feedback

Steven Johnson Picture This month, Steve talks about the illegible mistake he made when writing dimensions, builds a too-small "winter" cover for his second floor exhaust fan, promotes his next class for Popular Woodworking University, explains the need for a healthy ego, and catches up on some reader questions and comments.

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Our August Lie-Nielsen Tool of the Month:
#5 Jack Plane

5 Jack Plane

The "bench" planes start at the No. 1 (incredibly small) and sequentially work up to the No. 8, which is the jointer and the largest in the group. As you can readily tell by the numbers, the No. 5 is pretty close to center of the pack, in sequence as well as in size. The bronze lever cap is both extremely strong and beautiful, while the cherry tote and knob feel wonderful in your hands and add elegant warmth to the plane.

Read Lee Laird's blog post about the #5 Jack Plane:

Take a closer look at the Lie-Nielsen #5 Jack Plane:
SawStop PCS Tablesaw Thinking of getting a SawStop
for your workshop?

Your fingers are worth it!
SawStop PCS Tablesaw
  In the U.S., a tablesaw
  accident happens

The Highland Woodworker Web TV Our 2014 Summer Episode
  • Master Period Furniture Maker and author Glen Huey
  • Teenage Woodworking
    Wonder Kid Jalen Waggoner
  • Wood artist Scott Thompson's "HARD, HARD" High Boy project
  • Megan Fitzpatrick on preventing hand plane tearout

Wood Pallet Projects

wood pallet projects Review by
J. Norman Reid
Delaplane, VA

Are you looking for fresh ideas for some fun woodworking? Would you like to build things with free lumber? Do you favor the "shabby chic" look you get from rough-surfaced wood? Then this may be just the book you need to get you started on your way.

READ the rest of the review here:

HIGHLAND VIDEO: Product Tours and Tool Demonstrations available on our YouTube Channel!

Check out the great product tour videos and demonstrations on our Youtube Channel . Our good friends Morton, Curtis, and Chris demonstrate some of our most popular products for your benefit in these tours.

Click below to watch an interview with Master Chairmaker, Jeff Miller, on his Designing and Building Chairs class:

Designing & Building Chairs

Are there any products you'd like to see in a product tour? If so, we invite you to EMAIL US and let us know what YOU would like to see!

Knew Concept Saws

Our line of innovative premium saws now includes the Titanium Birdcage Fretsaw in 3 sizes, as well as a 6-1/2" Coping Saw along with the original extremely popular 5" and 8" premium aluminum fretsaws. Incredibly stiff and strong, all of these saws have featherweight balance for the utmost control.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Knew Concepts Fretsaw
CLICK HERE to see the Knew Concepts Fretsaw in action!

This Month on
The Highland Blog

Take a look at our
Beginning Turning Class
with Hal Simmons

Woodworking education is very important to us and we teach a variety of classes and seminars on different woodworking subject matter. We recently sat-in on Hal Miller's Beginning Turning class to take some pictures and be able to show our blog readers what goes on in our classes.

CLICK HERE to read more about the turning class:

NEW Rikon 25-200H Helical Planer-Jointer

This new version of Rikon's popular 12" Planer-Jointer features a helical cutterhead with 56 individual cutters arranged in four overlapping rows for ultra-smooth planing. Hefty 3 HP motor allows 1/8" thick stock removal in a single pass.

CLICK HERE for more info:

FREE Belt Sander
with purchase of
our Triton 2 HP Router

Triton Router Sale This extremely versatile 2 HP plunge router is great for hand-held use, and also provides extremely convenient performance in a router table.
While supplies last , you'll also receive FREE a Triton Compact Belt Sander worth $79.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Triton Router
CLICK HERE to see the Triton 2 HP Router in action!

NEW Steel City Industrial-Duty
Low-Speed Grinder

Steel City Low Speed Industrial Bench Grinder Save with our Upgrade Package Deal. We've added the items you need to get the most out of this industrial duty low speed grinder. It's a great solution for safely shaping and sharpening your turning tools as well as other edge tools.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Instantly access any article ever published in Fine Woodworking

Now for only $69.99

This new DVD archive contains every article in the 237 issues of Fine Woodworking magazine published in the past 38 years. Easily search and view an entire generation's worth of woodworking wisdom. While supplies last, save $30 off the $99.95 list price.

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Earlex Gemini
Spray Station

Spraying is a great way to get a quality finish on your woodworking projects without brushmarks, especially on odd-shaped pieces. HVLP sprayers are excellent for spraying the clear finishes woodworkers commonly use. Unfortunately, they're not as great at spraying other finishes – like latex paint. The Earlex Gemini Spray Station bridges that gap. It excels at spraying latex paint AND clear finishes.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Electric Bass Guitar

Building an Electric Bass Guitar: Part 1 - Design Considerations

By Lee Laird
Austin, TX

Lee Laird has been playing musical instruments for most of his life and has already designed and built his own Les Paul. Now he has begun to build an Electric Bass Guitar and gives us all of the details in his new build series.

Check out his design plans HERE:
with a Cause

By Aaron "Cujo" Cooley

Aaron "Cujo" Cooley is a Georgia woodturner who has turned several different urns and other projects for "We Ride To Provide", a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring, serving, and supporting K-9 teams in GA.

CLICK HERE to read more about Aaron's turning and the cause he is helping:
Kreg Rip-Cut
Kreg Rip-Cut

By Jeffrey Fleisher
New Market, VA

After woodworking for almost 25 years there are not many tools that I get excited about, but I really had a smile on my face as I used this new rip-cut jig from Kreg. If you need to 'break-down' large sheets of plywood into manageable sizes this is the jig for you.

CLICK HERE to find out more:

Woodworking in America

FESTOOL Cooltainer Cooler Festool Cooltainer

Here's a special new limited edition Festool Systainer that's designed to keep things either hot or cold. The Cooltainer is lined with 1.25" thick foam inserts that will nicely insulate your lunch or favorite beverage. Available in limited quantities, while supplies last.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Premium Router Bits for CNC machines Premium Router Bits
for CNC machines

We offer several sets of Amana's new premium CNC router cutters that are ideal for use in CNC machines large and small.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Save up to $200
Several models of our ever-popular European and German workbenches are now on sale. Choose the model that fits your shop and budget.

CLICK HERE for more info:

Benchcrafted Vises Now Available from Highland

Benchcrafted Vises We are pleased to offer Benchcrafted vises, the finest workbench hardware made anywhere, along with detailed plans for building your own Roubo-style workbench.

See our Benchcrafted Vises:

Steel City Helical Planer
with Carbide Cutters

Only $499.99

Steel City's affordable 13" helical-style thickness planer now comes equipped with 26 CARBIDE CUTTERS for long-lasting edge retention.

CLICK HERE for more info:

WOOD SLICER Testimonial

Wood Slicer resawing blade I just received your 3/4" resawing blade. Wow that thing is awesome!! I think I'll throw away all my other blades.
-Gil Blais

Get Yourself a Wood Slicer:

Wood Slicer Product Tour
the Wood Slicer in action
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