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Here's My Workshop!

David Lane
Old Lyme, CT

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

I was tired of my wife hating my shop because of the sawdust. I was always cleaning up the sawdust to keep peace within the household. So when we bought a building lot the first structure to be built on the lot was my shop that was stand-alone and separate from the home. I started by planning the shop from the ground up. I wanted the primary shop to be heated and fully functional as a woodworking shop, while the remaining part of the building would serve as storage for building materials and other projects that are better kept out of the living spaces. The building is 32 feet deep and 36 feet long with a heated workshop that is 12 feet wide by 24 feet long. The walk-through doors were positioned such that long material stock could be worked through open doorways. The shop floor was elevated so the vacuum system could be installed below the floor, between the floor joists, and the noisy vacuum could be placed outside the heated work shop.

Figure 1a- My Shop built from the ground up

Figure 1b- More construction.

Figure 2 - My Shop is almost complete

Figure 3 - My Shop is ready to build things

The first project out of the shop (before the shop was even completed) was our new home. The shop structure was used to house the building materials and tools while building the new home.

Figure 4 - My Shop's first project

The inner workings of my shop are functional and at the ready.

Figure 5a - Garage door opening into the shop

Figure 5b - Table saw with outfeed table
that also serves as a workbench

Figure 6 - Heavy tools are on casters for easy relocation

Figure 7 - Cabinets are used to house
small tools where possible

Figure 8 - Cabinets for small tools

Figure 9 - Arcs and Circles

Figure 10 - True and Square

Figure 11 - Fit and Tight

Figure 12 - Every thing in its place

Figure 13 - Tape and Pliers

Figure 14 - Small accessory tools appropriate
for the large tool

In the unheated sections of my shop there is ample room for material storage.

Figure 15 - Material Storage

Figure 16 - Hardware and Fastener Storage

Over the years many projects have been produced in my shop. These are just a few of them.

Figure 17 - A TV and Entertainment center cabinet

Figure 18 - A Restaurant Hostess Station

Figure 19 - A number of Fire Place Surrounds

Figure 20 - Fire Place Surround, Entertainment Center
and Cubbies for the Kids

Figure 21 - Even Custom made child's wagons

My Shop is unique to me and meets my enjoyment needs. Being employed in the nuclear power industry, the projects produced in my shop are not my primary means of earning a living, but are instead produced purely for the enjoyment of working with wood.

If you have any questions you can email David at oscslane@comcast.net .

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