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Here's My Woodcarving!

by Bruce Kinney
Snellville, GA

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

I would like to offer a few of my wood carvings done for my family, friends and customers at my home shop in Snellville, Georgia on the Yellow River. I couldn't ask for a nicer place to carve and make furniture while overlooking the river. My lifelong carving hobby started just like others. With a pocketknife I would carve neckerchief slides as a Boy Scout, as well as ball in cage forms, chains, and gifts for friends during 31 years in the Navy, industry and finally FEMA. Carving went with me around the world because the tools were quite portable and wood can be found everywhere. I learned woodworking from my Father, Uncles and Grandfathers and too many skilled mentors to name here. I'm still learning with each new project.

My preferred medium is common pine or poplar from the big box home centers to produce 2-1/2 D carvings. Wood joinery, painting and carving have now come together as my home hobby-business in retirement through word of mouth referrals and inquiries. I combine hand tools, knives, chisels and CNC machinery making commissioned signs, plaques and carved parts for other woodworkers to build into their work. I will use a client's sketch, my own designs or when appropriate I incorporate licensed patterns from skilled designers from around the world. I work to support those who can make my work just what people want.

I hope you will find these projects interesting. A wider range of pictures is available on my web site linked at the bottom of the page.

Here is a selection of my carvings:

A NY summer cabin dedication plaque

A Family home address sign (Credit: VC3D)

Army Ranger patch and Jump Wings

Plan for Zodiac birthday plaque (Credit: VC3D)

The carved plaque before finishing

Hand carved boat step in oak for my Father

A Mother's Day plaque

Celtic knotwork mirror frame

The frame stained and antiqued

The frame installed over the pre-hung mirror

Dragon carved on a box lid panel (Credit: VC3D)

Love spoon in Tigerwood (Credit: Pattern Depot)

Various love spoons and forks
(Credit: Pattern Depot and artists)

My Navy wall covering my 31 years of service

Table name plate for a fellow knife maker

Carved baseball locker room and doors

A US Marine Corps plaque

Painted and finished plaque for the
President of Sacred Heart University

Bad Bert's pattern of galloping mustangs 54" wide.
Prototype for a wider bed headboard carving

The All American Division patch

Fraternity Brother's plaque

Family Home address sign

Expeditionary Warfare symbol for a young Kinney
(Credit: VC3D)

Submariner's Dolphins pin

My house number scroll for a gate post

Nature scene as a box lid (Credit: VC3D)

House address sign for my son, whose business mascot
is a Fox, so I added his whole family

Rose embellished lap serving tray, design by M. Tyler

FEMA retirement plaque using the Region IV eight
south east states. Signed on back by all of his colleagues.

A Christmas present Celtic themed frame for photos of the
yacht St. Brendan. Latin script is
"The voyage of Saint Brendan the Abbot."

One of my totally hand carved Eagles as I begin
painting and gilding

Floor signs

Finally, just for fun, a sign for my Son-In-Law Mike
for his office

You can email Bruce at .

You can also visit his website at .

Would you like to see your carvings in this column? We invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your favorite woodcarving projects along with captions and a brief history of your woodcarving. (Email photos at 800x600 resolution.) Receive a $50 store gift card if we show your carving work in a future issue!

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