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Here's My Workshop!

David Duque
Medellin, Colombia

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I spent half of my professional life as an investment banker and the other half as a CEO of an industrial operation engaged in forestry, and the production of OSB, MDF, Plywood, and PB (what some folks would call melamine) boards. My enthusiasm for woodworking was born, I believe, after watching my father in his workshop over the weekend, and during summer visits to my cousin's in the US where I enjoyed watching one of my uncles work in his workshop during Saturday afternoons.

After a couple of years working in the States I returned to my hometown in the city of Medellin, Colombia. My workshop is located some 20 miles away from my home in the city. The workshop sits next to our home over the mountains at 7.400 ft, where year round temperatures fluctuate at around 74 to 78 degrees (F) daytime and 55 to 60 at night. By the way, there are a good many local woodworking enthusiasts down here, including Americans and Europeans (mostly retired) enjoying this great climate and its nice people.

Now down to basics: the shop is a rectangular 10 x 5 mts. building (32.8 x 16.4 ft.). I had it built with the boards and lumber we manufacture at the company I preside, and took 4 days to erect after the concrete floor dried out. I had to install some bars over the window frames because the glass acts as mirrors and big and small birds kept flying into them.

I brought almost all of my equipment from the States, but it can also be purchased locally. As we reside in the tropics, there is an ample variety and constant supply of woods.

If you have any questions you can email David at daduqueb@une.net.co .

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