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Safety Tip: Using a Sliding Table

Hi Highlanders,

Safety around power tools is the most important issue, so I'm glad to read your growing list of items. As an amateur woodworker, but a professional engineer and scientist, I'd like to add the tip of using a Sliding Table either as an upgrade or a new purchase. These are available from many vendors now at all different price levels. The Sliding Table with suitable clamping ensures that both hands and fingers are never even on the part, as well as an improved feeling of the cut since the hands are free of holding the work and there is no sliding static friction.

A Sliding Table provides for a safe and high accuracy dado and scoring as well. I selected a full sheet Sliding Table Saw with a shaper, which has made all of the most dangerous work hands free. With modern insert cutters, dimension cuts can be final finish quality, eliminating many post-sizing and other steps which increase safety and save time.



Portola VA, CA

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