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Here's My Woodcarving!

by Jeff Greenberg
Stamford, CT

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

I started wood carving recently. I had gone to the craft area of the Clearwater Music Festival where I saw carvings that were done in Bali. I was intrigued with the way that the carvings seemed to interweave themselves. I bought a piece of mahogany and got started. Now the tools I use are a drill and a jig saw to rough out the shape and then a cabinet makers rasp and a few carving knives. It does take a toll on my wrist, though.

I'm fascinated by curves and am constantly seeking to create curves that flow smoothly from one into the next.

Below you can see the stages of one of my carved wooden sculptures. I start with 1" thick mahogany. I use chalk to sketch a design and usually make lots of changes at this stage. After a few days of living with the design I go to pencil and then sharpie when I'm satisfied with the design. I use a jig saw to cut out the shape and then move on to carving knife and cabinet maker's rasp. This work is hard on my wrist!

Other projects:

The knife rack has a tree that is inlaid walnut sawdust with
onlaid malachite foliage

The small table on top is cherry, with river rocks

The cabinet end has leaves that are malachite inlaid into
the oak. I used a Dremel to do the excavating.

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