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Rolling and Tipping

wood finishing

by Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

For the last thirty two years I have mostly focused on antique restoration with only a few occasional kitchen cabinet jobs thrown in. However, when I do meddle in kitchen cabinet finishing, I really enjoy it because of the decorative nature of the finishes involved, which are usually decorative painted finishes.

I've found that when painting a large surface with a brush it is very difficult to get an even coat across the entire surface without brush strokes showing up after the piece had dried. This is why I have turned to rolling and tipping when it comes to painting large surfaces.

Here are some tips for rolling and tipping:

  1. Use small to medium size sponge rollers.
  2. Before using the roller, paint all surfaces that the roller can't access first and then roll.
  3. Do not completely saturate the roller so a small amount pressure has to be applied to squeeze the paint out in a thin layer.
  4. Move across the surface as fast as possible.
  5. After covering the surface, using a clean, dry 3 to 4 inch brush, lightly move the brush at a perpendicular angle along the surface to smooth out the pattern of the roller (i.e. tipping).
  6. After a couple of strokes with the brush, dab the brush into a clean cloth to remove the paint and continue.
  7. After two coats the surface will be smooth and stroke free.
  8. Having a partner to help you really speeds things up.
  9. ALWAYS practice on scrap first to master the technique.

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