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Clamping Tricks

wood finishing

by Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

Everyone knows that when restoring an old piece of furniture or building a new piece, there are always going to be some clamping challenges along the way. Here at the shop we often run into these problems.

Here are SIX tips and tricks to help ease the clamping challenge:

  1. Cut up inner tubes into long strips. These are great for irregular shapes. Wrap once over itself then pull and wrap the joint and finish off by wrapping over and under itself again.

  2. Sand bags also work well with irregular shapes.

  3. Blocks of smooth heavy granite work for veneer repairs. We get scraps from a headstone business.

  4. Strap clamps are great for round surfaces like curvy french chairs.

  5. Rope is another solution for round shapes. Tie the rope around the piece and then insert a strong piece of wood, wrapping once around itself then twist til tight. Position stick so it won't unravel to keep it tight.

  6. Cut profiles for clamping blocks that produce two parallel surfaces for clamping.

Look around your shop for other ideas and send them to me!

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