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wood finishing

by Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

Touch-up has been called "the bane of restoration" for very good reason. If you've ever tried to touch-up a cigarette burn, pet stain or any other causes of damage to the finish you will, no doubt, have a very healthy appreciation for those who are skilled in the art of touch-up. Floor finishers definitely call our shop the most for advice. Seems pets love wooden floors and what better place to hone your own skills of touch-up or "inpainting" when sanding or bleaching it out is useless.

Here are some tips:

  1. Purchase a single pane of "extra clear" glass which has no greenish hue.
  2. Buy the following earth tones in powder form: raw umber, raw sienna, burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow ocher, indian red, black and white.
  3. Buy a quart of SealCoat shellac and a spray can of SealCoat shellac.
  4. Mixing raw umber and burnt umber together makes a "brown".
  5. Mixing raw sienna and burnt sienna makes a "brown".
  6. Yellow ocher can be used to tint or lighten these, or can be used by itself.
  7. Indian red can be used to tint or lighten these, or can be used by itself.
  8. Black for darkening, white to lighten.
  9. Use the Sealcoat from the can to mix with and the spray can to seal every step using very light coats. One or two should do it.
  10. In a well lit area of natural light, place the glass on the floor and and mix on this so you can see your progress.
  11. As you practice you will begin to notice that some colors work very well by themselves.
  12. Don't try to color all at once. It is best to inpaint in stages for the best color matches, sealing each layer as you go with very light coats and plenty of drying time between layers.
  13. After all is done and the final spray coat is cured, apply a light coat of the original finish over all.
  14. With a lot of practice and a load of patience you may uncover a true hidden talent.

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