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Here's My Workshop!

Chuck Johnson
Taylorsville, UT

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

I have had an interest in woodworking since an early age. I started assembling a woodshop in my garage about 1995. After 20 years of working out of my garage, my collection of tools had grown to the point of crowding out the vehicles.

In 2014 I added this 600 sq-ft dedicated wood shop to the end of my house. My wife wanted to get her kitchen table back, as my projects often spilled indoors.

Here is the interior view, front to back and back to front.

The table saw is the centerpiece, occupying about 1/4 of the space. It has sufficient clearance for a full sheet of plywood in every direction from the blade. A storage rack in the left corner holds dimensional lumber and sheet goods and lumber. With this arrangement I can handle full sheets of plywood alone.

Dust collection was built in from the planning stages.

I used 4" ABS to connect one side to the other under the slab with a Tee in the middle for the table saw and jointer.

Floor sweeps make cleaning up a breeze.

This corner has a small rack for storing work in progress between operations.

This wall houses my dust collection, a small band saw and a sanding station.

And this is my corner office (no window though).

The back wall has some temporary tables for assembly and storage until something more permanent gets built - like some wall cabinets.

My central assembly table has three bays (on each side) and drawers for storing my hand tools and small power tools. There is also a small air compressor for my air powered tools. It is sized and located to double as an out-feed table when ripping long stock.

Wood lathe, miter saw and storage.

Custom made router table, drill press, and large band saw.

This roll around clamp cart keeps me organized. It allows me to bring the clamps to the job.

My table saw accessories are mounted on the end of the storage rack.

And all in year round comfort thanks to this heat pump.

If you have any questions you can email Chuck at . You can visit his website at: .

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