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by Steven D. Johnson
Racine, Wisconsin

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Spring Shop Organization Time

Once again, I am going to rather shamelessly "plug" my class, "More Space & Time In Your Workshop." If it were not for the folks who have written and told me how much better their shop looks, how much more efficient their woodworking has become, and how much time and money they have saved, I might not be so excited, but each time Popular Woodworking has made this class available, more woodworkers have had life-changing epiphanies.

Figure 16 - Click on the image above or on the link in the article
to be taken to Popular Woodworking's site where you can read more
about this class

In fact, many woodworkers who have learned the 5S System for shop organization have extended their newfound knowledge to their homes and workplaces. If your shop could benefit by a little more organization, if it could be a little neater, if you sometimes have trouble finding things, or just want to work in the safest possible environment, this class could be just the ticket.

Registration is simple. Once registered, you will be able to access the class segments at your own pace in the privacy of your home or shop from your computer, tablet, or phone. You will also be able to interact with other students, and me, if you want, through the discussion board. Sign up now by clicking here! .

The two videos released simultaneously this week cover the making of "cope & stick" doors with raised panels using a router bit set from Freud. Set-up, testing, fitting, and milling… all the steps to make perfect door rails and stiles quickly and easily are covered in Part 8A and in Part 8B we cover the milling of the raised panels.

Next month in Wood News Online, "Our Wood Is Talking To Us --- Are We Listening?" is the follow-up to the article a couple of months ago about wood movement. If you have ever been vexed by warping, twisting, and cupping wood, be sure to look for this article.

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Steven Johnson is retired from an almost 30-year career selling medical equipment and supplies, and now enjoys improving his shop, his skills, and his designs on a full time basis (although he says home improvement projects and furniture building have been hobbies for most of his adult life).

Steven can be reached directly via email at sjohnson@downtoearthwoodworking.com .

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