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Safety Tip: Safety First Practices

The first thing I do when I enter my shop is to put on my safety glasses no matter what I plan to be doing.

The next thing I do is to make sure I am not wearing long sleeves. They are far too easy to get snatched into a power tool and not to mention getting into glue or stain.

The next thing I do is to take off my wedding ring. I don't want to lose a finger if my ring gets into a piece of moving equipment.

Every time I use a power tool or anything sharp, I think about what could go wrong and what I need to do to avoid getting hurt. For example, if a chisel slips, is my hand in its path? What is my "escape route" if a routing action goes south? Is my hand or body in the path of a table saw kickback? If I feel the least bit uneasy about what I'm doing, I find a safer way to get the job done.

These are all very simple minded safety practices, but they work.

Doug Lewis
Atlanta, GA

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