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What Have You Made With Your
Highland Woodworking Tools?

by David Ziff
Fairview Heights, IL

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

I have a 10" Craftsman Bandsaw which appears to be similar to the Rikon 10" Bandsaw . I use it to cut and shape various hardwoods into leaves/feathers that I can make into pins or hair clips. The Carter Magfence I bought from Highland Woodworking has been essential in my projects. They had the product I needed at the best price anywhere.

I just turned 70 and I never had or used a bandsaw until 2 years ago. No one in my family had done any woodworking until I caught the fever in my retirement. I'm all self taught with ideas from a few videos. I worked by trial and error and kept spending money until things started to come together. Not a problem -- that is a part of the learning process. Until I got the Magfence, and my bandsaw, I struggled to cut through hardwood and keep the line where I wanted it.

By holding the laminated block firmly against the Magfence and using a jig, I can precision cut my wedge that will be glued to the two cut blocks. You can push as hard as you want and the Magfence will not waver.

Thin slices or thick, straight or curved, the Magfence gives me the consistent anchor to minimize my mistakes and to hit a home run from time to time.

Picking the hardwood colors is the artistic planning and then following through with the gluing, sawing, sanding and finishing provides the fun and excitement. Always some new discovery or problem to solve. I only use clear poly -- all the colors are natural to the wood -- no paint, dyes, stains, artificial colors or flavors are used.

I had never thought about selling my work -- not much of a market in my area near St. Louis -- this is a hobby not a business and by the time I go through wood and band saw blades there isn't a way to break even. I've got a shop on Etsy that I named "Tencentsanhour " which says it all. But when you aren't consumed by making a profit, you can find real joy in turning piles of wood into beautiful things.

Below shows the resulting wedge which can serve as the center stem if you are cutting leaves.

Below shows the glued piece -- cut off the stem -- I'll make that into a heart flower vase. I add half circles of contrasting wood to make the heart.

Below shows the slicing of the glued leaf. The Carter Magfence is essential to making a smooth, straight cut. You can make a curved cut if you want your leaf to look more natural. Finish by sanding and shaping to whatever fits your mood.

I love the Carter Magfence !!!

More finished products below:

Take a look at David's Etsy page at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Tencentsanhour .

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