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Show Us Your Shop
The Down to Earth Woodworker
Fall 2016 Book/DVD Specials
Project Idea: Wooden Cuff Links
Book Review: The Minimalist Woodworker
Show Us Your Woodworking
Show Us Your Carving
Tool Review: Fisch Forstner Bits
Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud
Finishing: Wet Sanding
Safety Tip: The Magician and the Tablesaw
DVD Review: Essential Woodworking Hand Tools
Blog: Table Saw Storage Box
Poll: Prime Woodworking Season

The Highland Woodworker

Watch the newest episode of
The Highland Woodworker
Premium Carbide-Tipped Bandsaw Blade - NEW

NEW Premium
Bandsaw Blade

Made in the USA, these new premium carbide-tipped bandsaw blades from Diamond Saw Works are the perfect solution for cutting all sorts of wood. These bandsaw blades are durable, long-lasting, and will help with the toughest, most demanding cutting jobs.

NEW Premium Carbide-Tipped Bandsaw Blade - Order Now!
The Down to Earth Woodworker

The Down to Earth Woodworker Has Returned!
by Steve Johnson
Racine, WI

It's good to be back. Intentions were to take one month off from this column and from making videos… a month to get some non-woodworking projects done. It didn't quite work out that way, though. One month turned to two, the projects didn't get done, but hey… life happens.

This month I'll be discussing some of my recent shop rejuvenation and reorganization projects, a continuation of my wood movement discussion from last June's column , and a recent tree removal project that caused an upheaval in my neighborhood.

The Down to Earth Woodworker – read more

Fisch Forstner Bits

Tool Review: Fisch
Forstner Bits

Everyone needs to drill holes at one time or another and Fisch Forstner Bits create very clean holes. I tried out their Fisch Wave Cutter Forstner Bit – Set of 4 and I was impressed by both the speed of cut and the clean sharp edges of the top and bottom of the hole they created.

Read the Tool Review

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The Minimalist Woodworker - Vic Tesolin

Book Review: Vic Tesolin's The Minimalist Woodworker

The Minimalist Woodworker by Canadian woodworker Vic Tesolin is both a good introduction to setting up a hand tool woodshop and a fun read. Its central message is to not let anything–a lack of space or a limited set of tools–stop you from pursuing a passion for crafting things from wood. Tesolin shows how a shop can be set up even in extremely limited space and what tools are essential (and which are not) to start woodworking.

Read the Book Review

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Designing and Building Chairs with Jeff Miller

Class: Designing and Building
Chairs with Jeff Miller
Nov. 5-6, 2016

We are very excited to host a weekend with noted chair builder Jeff Miller. Employing over 30 years of experience, Jeff will demonstrate the steps of designing and building a beautiful chair, considered by many to be the pinnacle of woodworking challenges.

Designing and Building Chairs
with Jeff Miller – Sign Up!

More Upcoming Classes
9/10 Hand Cut Dovetails
9/11 Tablesaw Basics
9/13-14 Carve a Wooden Spoon
9/15 Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon
9/19 Intro to Pen Turning
9/20 Hand Tool Sharpening
9/24 Basic Bowl Turning
9/25 Beginning Turning
9/28 Taming the Skew

Show Us Your Shop - Derik VanVleet

Show Us Your Shop

Derik lives just a mile from Highland Woodworking in Atlanta, GA but his shop is actually located near Lake Martin, AL, about 2.5 hours away.

View More of Derik's Shop

Show Us Your Woodworking - Al Tague

Show Us Your Woodworking

This month we're sharing the woodworking projects of Al Tague, an 85 year old woodworker who enjoys making small projects on his scroll saw to give to members of his church community.

View More of Al's
Woodworking Projects

Show Us Your Woodcarving

Show Us Your Woodcarving

This month we are featuring the carvings of Mark Davis, who shares several of his ornate stairway, island, and column carvings that are filled with ornate lines, rosettes, and detail work.

View more of Mark's
Carving Projects
Essential Woodworking Hand Tools DVD Review

DVD: Paul Sellers Essential Woodworking Hand Tools

Some of us learn best by reading. Others find they comprehend a subject better if they can watch as it's being performed. With this three-DVD set , accomplished hand tool woodworker Paul Sellers offers a great companion instructional method to accompany his recent volume, Essential Woodworking Tools .

Read the review
Wooden Cuff Links

Project Idea:
Making Wooden Cuff Links

Paul Burri has a large collection of cuff links that he has collected on his travels. Since he is a woodworker, he decided to make his own wooden cuff links and this month he is sharing his project idea with us.

Read more about this
woodworking project
Poll: When is YOUR Prime Woodworking Season

Poll: When is YOUR Prime Woodworking Season?

In this month's poll, Jim Randolph asks: "Do you have a prime woodworking season or do you toil in the shop all year long?"

Answer the poll
Make a Table Saw Storage Box

Blog: Make a Table Saw
Storage Box

Since the beginning of recorded time, or so it seems to me, my table saw fence has been the repository of assorted things. Pencils, chalk, Allen wrenches and other paraphernalia have collected there along with wood chips and dust that could not be swept away for fear of losing some small thing that might have later importance. So what should I do about it? Live with it I could no longer abide. I needed a different solution.

Read more about Norm's
Table Saw Storage Solution
Tips from Sticks in the Mud

Tips from Sticks in the Mud

This month Jim has a tip on protecting the finish on one project while starting to work on another project in your shop, as well as a money-saving tip on repurposing those pesky credit card offer cards you keep getting in the mail.

Read this month's
Woodworking Tips
Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving Contest

If you're a woodcarver we're guessing you might have a pretty good eye for carving pumpkins this coming Fall, and we want to see what you've made! Send us photos of your carved pumpkins for a chance to be featured in our October issue of Wood News Online and receive a Highland Woodworking store credit if we feature your carving!

Email us your pumpkin carvings!
Shop Safety Tip

Safety Tip: The Magician
and the Tablesaw

Our Wood News reader, Paul, shares his comparison of the use of a tablesaw to a magician's act.

Read the Magician and
the Tablesaw Safety Tip

Visit Highland Woodworking's
Safety Archive
Instructional Videos and Demonstrations available on our YouTube Channel!

Tormek T-8 Sharpening System

Tormek T-8
Sharpening System

In this video product tour, Michael Morton gives an overview of the features of the T-8 Sharpening System and shows how the sharpening machine is used to sharpen a chisel.

Watch the video and find out more!

Removing Pet Stains Finishing Tip

Finishing Tip: Wet Sanding With Penetrating Oils

This month, Alan shares some tips on a very cool finishing technique he learned at a restoration shop he worked at in college that actually accomplishes several things at the same time.

Find out Alan's tips on
Wet Sanding

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Wood Slicer Resaw
Bandsaw Blade

Well, you guys have done it again. You have STUNNED another woodworker, this time up here in the woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The other day I ordered two of your Wood Slicer blades for 2 different 14-inch bandsaws. I resawed three pieces of beautiful cherry I have up here, the full six-inch width that this saw can handle, and was stunned by how wonderfully smooth those cuts were. They will require very little hand-planing. I'm thoroughly impressed and just wanted you to know it. Many thanks to you for such a great product! -David

Get your own Wood Slicer now!

Festool Heaven

Our most recent issue of Festool Heaven, Highland's new Festool online newsletter, features the new Festool VAC SYS, a Domino comparison featuring the Festool DF500 and the Festool XL DF 700, as well as a comparison of the different vacuums offered by Festool.

We invite you to submit an article for a future issue about how having Festool in your shop has impacted your woodworking.

Read Issue #2 of Festool Heaven

Read our Festool Owner's
Help Page

Great Books and Tools for your Workshop
One-Man Crosscut Log Saw

One-Man Crosscut
Log Saw

Saw lumber by hand with this old-fashioned One-Man Crosscut Log Saw, made for crosscutting logs and large green timbers rapidly and efficiently. This one-man Crosscut Log saw's 30" blade has lance teeth at 4.5 ppi and is fitted with a large, comfortable laminated hardwood handle. It will make quick work of almost any rough sawing task.

Great for Rough Sawing

Tool-less Blade Guide Upgrade Kit for Rikon 10-324 and 10-325 Bandsaws

Upgrade the guides on your Rikon 10-324 or 10-325 14" bandsaw and throw away all of those hex wrenches. This kit installs in minutes and upgrades your saw to the simplicity of tool-less spring-loaded guides. Just position the guide and tighten the thumbscrew to set each guide bearing.

Pre-Order NOW
for Shipment in
October 2016

NEW Rikon 25-131 Portable Planer 13 inch

Rikon's 25-131 13" thickness planer is a quality benchtop unit designed for reliable planing in an easily portable package, and available while limited supplies last at an exceptionally low price. It has a two-knife cutterhead with two-sided quick-change knives. It has the simplest knife change we've seen in a portable planer.

SALE - ONLY $269.99

Universal Mobile Base

Find more space in your workshop by mounting some of your big tools onto these handy steel mobile bases. After moving a machine into position, you can lock it firmly in place by flipping the mobile base's two quick-action levers.

$20 OFF while limited quantities last!


Taunton Press Fall Specials

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through October 31, 2016

Mortise & Tenon Magazine

A must-have for woodworkers!

SawStop Professional Cabinet Tablesaw PCS

Accidents happen

NEW Woodpeckers Mini Carbide Scraper

Makes Glue Removal
a Breeze


David Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guide

Makes it easy to hand saw perfect dovetails

Rikon Bandsaws

Get a Great Deal
While Supplies Last

Festool CT SYS HEPA Systainer Dust Extractor

Small enough
to carry!

Clearance Sale

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

How many tools can you make from 1 tree?

Hofmann & Hammer
All Round Workbench


Stanley Tools Catalogue No. 34

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Council Tool Axes

Council Tool Axes
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select models

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