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SawStop Visit

SawStop Factory Expert
Rick Bragg at Highland
Sat., Nov. 12, 10 AM - 3 PM

Be sure to join us at Highland Woodworking in Atlanta on Saturday, Nov. 12, for a chance to visit with SawStop Factory Expert, Rick Bragg. This will be a unique opportunity for you to not only get “hands-on” with all the SawStop tablesaw models, but also to ask any product questions. Rick will have the answers! So join us (and Rick) anytime between 10am-3pm, and learn all of the small details that come together to make the SawStop North America’s #1 selling Cabinet Saw.

No registration necessary!
Inside This Issue
Show Us Your Shop
The Down to Earth Woodworker
Fall 2016 Book/DVD Specials
Women in Woodworking
Book Review: The Unplugged Woodshop
Show Us Your Woodworking
Show Us Your Carving
Tool Review: Woodworker's Dial Caliper
Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud
Finishing: Hide Glue Putty
Project Idea: Wooden Loom
Video: Woodpeckers Drill Press Table
Blog: How to Sharpen Woodworking Tools
Poll: Shop Footwear

The Highland Woodworker

Watch the newest episode of
The Highland Woodworker
Bessey K Body REVO Pair of Clamps SUPER SALE!!

SUPER SALE on Pairs of
Bessey K Body Revo Clamps
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Bessey K-Body REVO clamps are the best choice when gluing-up doors, panels and cabinet carcasses. We are offering Bessey's K Body REVO Clamps at special prices while supplies last. These special prices are only available in the clamps sizes listed on the product page and for clamps sold in pairs of the same size.

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The Down to Earth Woodworker

The Down to Earth Woodworker Discusses "Climate Change"
by Steve Johnson
Racine, WI

This month, Steve Johnson, The Down to Earth Woodworker discusses climate change, specifically how this past summer has caused a lot of rusting in his shop and his solutions for getting rid of the rust. Steve also discusses how the weekly weather forecast can impact his projects and how sometimes beating the weather to finish the project isn't the greatest idea when it comes to shop safety. Lastly, Steve discusses how he and his plumber were able to come up with a project solution together!

The Down to Earth Woodworker – read more

Woodworker's 6 inch Dial Caliper

Tool Review: Woodworker's 6 inch Dial Caliper

A lot of woodworkers think the caliper is for metal working and is overkill for woodworking, but I disagree. It is actually one of my favorite measuring tools because of its accuracy and flexibility. Using the caliper you can make outside, inside, depth and stepped measurements very quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. In this review, I explain each of these different types of measurements and give a little background on the tool itself.

Read the Tool Review

Purchase the Woodworker's
6 inch Dial Caliper
The Unplugged Woodshop - Tom Fidgen

Book Review: Tom Fidgen's The Unplugged Woodshop

Amid the current flurry of excellent books on hand tool woodworking, it is hard to say that one or the other stands out from the rest. And yet, as I see it, this one by Canadian woodworker Tom Fidgen does. The successor to Fidgen's earlier hand tool–oriented book, Made by Hand , this one is more than merely well–written, which it is, and beautifully illustrated in color, which it also is. The Unplugged Woodshop is a stimulating source of ideas and techniques that will help any woodworker build her or his hand tool skills, all the while creating beautiful and useful projects for the home and woodshop

Read the Book Review

Purchase The Unplugged Woodshop
Carving in the Round with Sabiha Mujtaba

Class: Carving in the Round with Sabiha Mujtaba
Oct. 25-27, 2016

In this in-depth class, you will make a scale model in clay, transfer the various profiles on all flat sides of a block of wood, cut out the waste and begin the shaping process. Carving your free-form design will involve deep shapes, undercutting, and possibly through cuts.

Carving in the Round with
with Sabiha Mujtaba – Sign Up!

More Upcoming Classes
10/8 Beginning Character Carving
10/8 Spray Finishing
10/11 Hand Planes
10/12 Finishing the Finish
10/13 Milling & Jointing Lumber
10/18 Hand Cut Dovetails
10/19 Sharpening for Turners
10/20 Intro to Pen Turning
10/22 Beginning Turning
10/22-23 Antique Restoration
10/24 Basic Bowl Turning
10/25-27 Carving in the Round
10/29 Intro to Marquetry
10/30 Router Basics

Show Us Your Shop - Bob Nisbet

Show Us Your Shop

This month we're sharing the woodworking shop of Bob Nisbet, who has accumulated so many tools over the past 40 years that he seldom has to buy anything nowadays.

View More of Bob's Shop

Show Us Your Woodworking - Lawrence Lefler

Show Us Your Woodworking

This month we're sharing the woodworking projects of Lawrence Lefler who enjoys making projects for his family, including chess boards, tables, and cutting boards.

View More of Lawrence's
Woodworking Projects

Show Us Your Woodcarving

Show Us Your Woodcarving

This month we are featuring an ornate wood-carved border made up of several different carved pieces, created by Dilo Márcio Fernandino.

View Dilo's Carving Process
Women in Woodworking

Women in Woodworking:
Meet Jess Ouyang

This month, Andrea interviews Jess Ouyang a female woodworker who is lucky enough to have had her company (Facebook) sponsor a woodworking shop on the company campus, which has allowed Jess to delve deep into the world of woodworking.

Read Jess's Journey
in Woodworking
Wooden Loom Project

Project Idea:
Wooden Loom

Recently, several local community groups in Orange County have gotten together to make recycled sleeping mats for homeless military veterans. To improve the speed and efficiency of making these mats, woodworker, Forrest Bonner, was approached by his neighbor to make several reproductions of the wooden loom that these mats were made on.

Read more about this
woodworking project
How to Sharpen Woodworking Tools

Blog: How to Sharpen Woodworking Tools

Most woodworkers have their own method for sharpening their woodworking tools. This month, Justin Moon shares his detailed sharpening process and explains the steps he takes to get his tools sharp and ready for woodworking.

Read more about how to sharpen woodworking tools
Tips from Sticks in the Mud

Tips from Sticks in the Mud

This month, Jim has a tip on sanding and finishing with the grain. He also has a money-saving tip on making his reusable foam brush handles even more effective when using them to install sanding disks onto random-orbit sander pads.

Read this month's
Woodworking Tips
Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving Contest

If you're a woodcarver we're guessing you might have a pretty good eye for carving pumpkins this coming Fall, and we want to see what you've made! Send us photos of your carved pumpkins for a chance to be featured in our Novemer issue of Wood News Online and receive a $50 Highland Woodworking store credit if we feature your carving!

Email us your pumpkin carvings!
Poll: What kind of footwear do you use in your shop?

Poll: What kind of footwear do you use in your shop?

In this month's poll, Jim Randolph asks: "What kind of footwear do you use in your shop?"

Answer the poll
Instructional Videos and Demonstrations available on our YouTube Channel!

Woodpecker's Drill Press Table

Woodpecker's Drill
Press Table

In this video product tour, Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop, provides a detailed overview for how he uses the Woodpeckers Drill Press Table in his shop.

Watch the video and find out more!

Hide Glue Putty Finishing Tip

Finishing Tip: Hide Glue Putty

This month, Alan shares his recipe and uses for hide glue putty, a mixture of dust and hide glue that will help strengthen your piece and guard against moisture.

Find out Alan's tips on
making and using hide glue putty

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Woodworking Catalog

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Wood Slicer Resaw
Bandsaw Blade

Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the "Wood Slicer" bandsaw blade. I have it installed on my 18" bandsaw, and replaced an expensive carbide tipped blade with the Wood Slicer. My first try was a 2-1/2" wide scrap of white oak. I couldn't believe how effortlessly and how quietly it cut. I think that's the best the saw has ever performed! Thanks for such a good product and service! -Bill

Get your own Wood Slicer now!


Festool Heaven

Our most recent issue of Festool Heaven, Highland's Festool online newsletter, features a great video on Festool for the compact workshop , a discussion of the New Festool Power Tools , a measurement discussion with Festool Goes Imperial , and much more!

Read Issue #3 of Festool Heaven

New Tools for your Workshop
Mueller Hand-Forged Axes

NEW Mueller Hand Forged Axes

Mueller's hand forged axes have a long-earned and much deserved reputation as being highly functional tools of uncompromising quality and workmanship. Made by specially trained forge masters that combine modern-day technical skills with hand-workmanship artistry passed down from generations of forgers.

Hand forged in Austria

Woodpeckers OneTime Tool - Precision Framing Squares

"Measure Twice and Cut Once" won't help if the framing square you are using to draw your lines isn't precise. Woodpeckers has created a large-sized precision framing square, specifically designed for tight tolerance woodworking.

Last day to order is
Oct. 10, 2016

SuperMax 19-38 Drum
Sander with Stand

The SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander is ideal for use in small shops to reduce the drudgery and time spent sanding while making it quick and easy to achieve consistent smooth results. Sturdily built, this machine doubles as a surface finisher as well as a light-duty abrasive thicknesser.

A leader in design innovation

SuperMax Pre-Cut Abrasives for Drum Sanders

SuperMax offer abrasive wraps for several brands and sizes of drum sanders. Each heavy duty aluminum oxide wrap is cut to a taper and length of the drum, and is ready to wrap on the drum.

Click here for more info

New Kreg Hardware Installation Tools

Kreg Drawer Slide Mounting Tool

Makes drawer slide installation quick and easy

Kreg Cabinet
Hardware Jig

Simplifies installation of knobs and pulls

Kreg Concealed
Hinge Jig

The simple solution for drill concealed hinge holes

Kreg Concealed Hinge Drill Bit - 35mm

Boring Bit for the Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig

More Great Books and Tools for your Workshop

Tool-less Blade Guide Upgrade Kit for Rikon 10-324 and 10-325 Bandsaws

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this month!

Rikon Bandsaws

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While Supplies Last

Universal Mobile Base

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NEW Premium Carbide-Tipped Bandsaw Blade

The perfect solution for cutting all sorts of wood


Rikon 25-131 Portable Planer
13 inch

SALE - ONLY $269.99

PAX 22 inch Panel Saw

Made by Thomas Flinn & Co.

David Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guide

Makes it easy to hand saw perfect dovetails

Hofmann & Hammer
All Round Workbench



Mortise & Tenon Magazine

A must-have for woodworkers!

Apprenticeship Series - The Foundations DVD

A Great Companion to Mortise & Tenon Magazine

Taunton Press Fall Specials

Save 30% on these titles
through October 31, 2016

Clearance Sale

Fine Woodworking Magazine Archive 1975-2015 DVD-ROM

SAVE $30

Elipse P100
Dust Mask

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Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig

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Council Tool Axes

Flex Arm Magnetic
LED Work Light

Light up your shop!

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