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Woodpeckers OneTime Tool - MFT Layout amd Assembly Square

Woodpeckers OneTime Tool MFT Layout & Assembly Square

Woodpeckers newest OneTime Tool, the MFT Layout & Assembly Square enables quick and accurate setup of a Festool MFT table and enhances layout and assembly tasks. Specifically designed for setting perpendicularity between the Festool MFT fence and guide, the added MFT Positioning Dogs ensure alignment of your MFT rail or fence with the dog holes; inline or at 45 degrees.

Last Day to Order is 1/29/18

Inside This Issue
Show Us Your Shop
The Down to Earth Woodworker
Poll: What is Your Occupation?
Book Review: Carving the Acanthus Leaf
Project: Bandsaw Book Box
Show Us Your Woodworking
Show Us Your Woodcarving
Carving a Plane Tote
Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud
Finishing: Adhesion
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The Highland Woodworker

Watch the FINAL Episode of
The Highland Woodworker

Flip Through Our New Winter 2018 Catalog

Our new Winter 2018 woodworking tool catalog just went in the mail and should be arriving in mailboxes soon. Beginning with this issue, you can click on any product number in our online flip catalog to go straight to our web page for that item.

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Class: Make a Wooden Mallet

Featured Class:
Make A Wooden Mallet
January 30-31, 2018

In this class, using a combination of hand tools and power tools, you'll create a wooden mallet with a tapered, sliding wedge handle. Students will produce a sturdy joint that will stay tight without the need for glue. You'll learn about mortise and tenon joinery, the efficient use of power tools for removing material quickly, and the use of hand tools (chisels and spokeshaves) for paring down to your layout lines.

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Upcoming Woodworking Classes in our Atlanta Store

1/9 Hand Tool Sharpening
1/10 Sharpening for Turners
1/11 Milling and Jointing Lumber
1/17 French Polish Workshop
1/20 Whittle a Spatula
1/21 Bandsaw Basics
1/22-25 Cabinetmaking Basics
1/30-31 Make a Wooden Mallet
2/3 Intro to Marquetry
2/4 Table Saw Basics
2/7 Finishing the Finish
2/8 Milling and Jointing Lumber
2/10 Hand Cut Dovetails
2/13 Using Hand Planes
2/20-21 Build a Bookcase
2/22 Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon
2/24 Beginning Turning
2/26 Intro to Pen Turning
2/28 Taming the Skew

Woodpeckers NEW Ultra-Shear Carbide-Tipped Turning Tools

NEW Woodpeckers Ultra-Shear Carbide-Tipped Turning Tools

Carbide-tipped insert turning tools provide unique advantages for woodturners. They make it easier to start woodturning and eliminate the chore of sharpening your tools - a revolution in woodturning. With their new Ultra-Shear tools, Woodpeckers has taken carbide-tipped turning tools to the next level.

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Show Us Your Shop

Show Us Your Shop

We're sharing Mike Ribelin's basement workshop located in Littleton, CO.

View Mike's Shop


Show Us Your Woodworking

We're sharing several woodworking projects made by Bruce Macdonald whose projects consist of a mixture of furniture and craft items.

View Bruce's Projects

Show Us Your Woodcarving

Show Us Your Woodcarving

We're sharing wood carving projects made by Jim Fontenot who has created a variety of low relief carvings.

View Jim's Carvings

Project: Bandsaw Book Box

Here's a project for those of you who have access to a bandsaw and some basic woodworking tools and skills. The final product is a 2-drawer 'small items' book-like container made from a single piece of wood. If you've made a bandsaw box before, a lot of this process may be familiar. If not, the detailed steps provided in this project description should give you enough information to produce something that looks like a partially open book with drawers.

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Book Review:
Carving the Acanthus Leaf
By Mary May

Mary May is a highly accomplished woodcarver who carves commissioned pieces of extraordinary quality in her modest Charleston, South Carolina, workshop. Carving the Acanthus Leaf is a fascinating mixture of artistry and design, carving technique and personal stories about her life as a carver.

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Carving a Plane Tote

Totes on a plane go through a lot of dynamic stress. Additionally, the wood in these old tools often contains a lot of skin oil and grime from years of use. Repairing them can often be an exercise in futility. Additionally, you can carve a tote that will fit your hand, that will later make a tedious smoothing job downright pleasurable. A specially carved and turned tote and knob can also be a source of pride sitting in your toolbox.

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Down to Earth Woodworker

The Down to Earth Woodworker

Steve continues his barn build with the walls and framing. He also discusses the definition of a "journeyman" and how it relates to woodworkers.

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Finishing Tip:
Finish Adhesion

Alan discusses a tip one of his old mentors gave him on finish adhesion and how it applies to oil and latex paints when being used together.

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Woodworking Tips

Tips from Sticks
in the Mud

This month, Jim shares a story on the importance of wearing safety glasses as well as a money-saving tip on using slats from a set of venetian blinds to assist in painting molding.

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Poll: What Is Your Occupation?

Last month, Jim received an email from our reader, Gerry, who was interested in hearing what people do outside of woodworking, so this month Jim Randolph asks: "What is your occupation when you're not in the shop woodworking?"

Answer the poll

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Wood Slicer Resaw
Bandsaw Blade

I set up my bandsaw with a Wood Slicer Bandsaw Blade exactly the way Alex Snodgrass did in this video. I reset my fence to zero and made 3/16 veneer rough stock from 10" wide maple with zero drift on the blade. I'm tickled to death with my bandsaw and your Wood Slicer blades. Thanks, Rob

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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool 1281SE Special Edition Woodworking Square

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Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig

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Fisch HSS Double Flute Brad Point Drill Bit

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Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal

David Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guide

Makes it easy to hand cut perfect dovetails

Flex Arm Magnetic
LED Work Light

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Large European Workbench with FREE Set of 4 Narex Chisels

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NEW SuperMax
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Tool-less Blade Guide Upgrade Kit

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Rikon Bandsaws

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