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Mortise and Tenon

Our Famous Wood Slicer
Resaw Bandsaw Blade

If you have yet to try a Wood Slicer Blade on your bandsaw, you are missing out! This blade makes resawing easier, quieter, and more consistent by making cuts as smooth as butter. Don't take our word for it. You can read customer reviews here.

Get your own Wood Slicer now!

Inside This Issue

Show Us Your Workshop
The Down to Earth Woodworker
Poll: Plywood in Fine Furniture
Show Us Your Woodcarving
Project: Murphy Bed
Middle Fork Duck Calls
Tool Review: Morakniv Wooden Spoon Carving Set
Video: SawStop Router Tables
The Highland Woodworker Archives
Book Review: Mortise & Tenon, Issue 5
Show Us Your Woodworking
Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud

The Highland Woodworker

The Highland Woodworker

New Winter 2018 Episode
Festool Roadshow

Festool Roadshow Coming to Highland Woodworking Friday, Dec. 7, 2018

On Friday, December 7th from 9am-1pm, representatives from Festool USA will be at Highland Woodworking in their giant Festool big rig, demonstrating the latest Festool power tools and answering your questions. Free lunch provided!

Click here for more info
Stanley 175th Anniversary Tape Measure

Stanley 175th Anniversary Tape Measure

How often do you see a 175th anniversary? To celebrate, Stanley Hand Tools has released this classic, limited edition pocket tape based on a 1933 design. It has a 10 foot long rule housed within a sturdy steel case with a polished chrome finish. The case side is embossed with the historic Stanley "Sweetheart" logo.

Recommended by Chris Schwarz from Lost Art Press!

Upcoming Woodworking Classes in Atlanta

11/10 Beginning Turning
11/13 Basic Bowl Turning
11/14 Taming the Skew
11/15 Milling and Jointing Lumber
11/20 Hand Tool Sharpening
11/27 Intro to Pen Turning
11/28 Coloring Wood
12/1 Basic Bowl Turning
12/2 Beginning Turning
12/4 Using Hand Planes
12/5 Turn a Screwdriver
12/8 Hand Cut Dovetails
12/9 Whittle a Swedish Dala Horse
12/10-13 Cabinetmaking Basics
12/15 Beginning Character Carving
12/15 Finishing 101
12/18 French Polish Workshop
12/19 Intro to Pen Turning
12/20 Milling and Jointing Lumber
12/22 Basic Bowl Turning
12/29 Intro to Spoon Carving

Turn a Wooden Handled Screwdriver

Featured Class:
Turn a Wooden Handled Screwdriver
December 5, 2018

Learn the skills of lathe turning while making this wooden handle 4-n-1 screwdriver. You'll learn the basics of "between centers" spindle turning as you put your own grip-pleasing contours onto a custom handle you design and create.

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Show Us Your Shop

Show Us Your Shop

We're sharing Chuck Wimpee's workshop in Bowling Green, KY, which he has laid out to maximize creativity and minimize cleanup.

View Chuck's Shop
Show Us Your Woodworking

Show Us Your Woodworking

We've got a variety of woodworking projects made by Phil Stallings from New Bern, NC whose woodworking has been inspired by his Daddy.

View Phil's Projects
Show Us Your Woodcarving

Show Us Your Woodcarving

We're featuring several carvings made by Tom Pritchard who made a special carving for his doctor and nurse after his bout with Colorectal Cancer.

View Tom's Carvings
Down to Earth Woodworker

The Down to Earth Woodworker

This month, Steve finds civility in woodworkers, shares his review of the Festool Sysrock Worksite Radio, and starts a new wooden countertop project.

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The Highland Woodworker Archives

The Highland Woodworker Archives

Charles Brock has interviewed many woodworkers and told us dozens of fascinating stories in the 7 years he has been hosting The Highland Woodworker. Now you can find any episode of The Highland Woodworker in our ALL NEW Highland Woodworker archives page!

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Sticks in the Mud

Tips from Sticks
in the Mud

Jim discusses the new Festool CT Cyclone Separator, shares a helpful solution for easy identification of power tool off switches, and shares the winning model of his dust protection kleenex box.

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Poll: Plywood in Fine Furniture

Poll: Plywood in
Fine Furniture

This month's poll asks is plywood acceptable in fine furniture? And, while we’re at it, what is fine furniture? Is it furniture made only with hand tools? Is it made only with solid wood? Is it defined by certain joinery?

Click here to answer
Mortise and Tenon Magazine, Issue 5

Book Review:
Mortise & Tenon, Issue 5

Now onto the 5th edition of this bi-annual woodworking magazine, this issue of Mortise & Tenon Magazine is full of articles ranging widely in scope, emphasizing an historical perspective.

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Morakniv Wooden Spoon Carving Kit

Tool Review:
Morakniv Wooden Spoon Carving Set

Jeff Fleisher reviews the Morakniv Wooden Spoon Carving Set and carves his own spoon. If you are looking for a 'stocking stuffer' for yourself or a friend this holiday season, you should definitely consider the Morakniv Wooden Spoon Carving Set.

Click here to read more
Murphy Bed

Project Idea: Murphy Bed

When his wife wants a multi-purpose room for both her sewing AND to act as a guest bedroom, Dave Ranallo comes up with a customized Murphy Bed design.

Click here to read more
Middle Fork Duck Calls

Middle Fork
Duck Calls

James Raines shares his passion for making duck calls by explaining how they work and discussing the construction process and how to accurately get the call sound to come out of the finished piece.

Click here to read more
Great Tools and Deals for Your Workshop
SawStop Router Tabless

Video: SawStop Router Tables

Jim Dillon takes a look at all of the SawStop Router Table models, describes the features and options of the different models and explains how you can integrate a new SawStop Router Table into your own shop.

Check out other product tour demos and videos on our YouTube Channel.

Click here to watch

Save $100 and Pre-Order Woodpeckers Slab Flattening Mill

Woodpeckers Slab Flattening Mill (along with your router) lets you accurately and easily flatten oddly shaped and oversized slabs right in your own shop.

Last day to get $100 off is Monday, November 26

Pax 1776
Dovetail Saw

Thomas Flinn's PAX 1776 Dovetail Saw is the flagship of their joinery saw collection. It has a traditional folded brass back and a fine walnut handle. The brass back keeps the blade under tension so it stays rigid and add weight to help it cut smooothly. The walnut handle is finished with danish oil and attached with solid brass split nuts.

We're the only supplier in the US!

Roberts and Lee Parkstone Musical Saw Kit

Roberts and Lee Parkstone Musical Saw Kit

Saws aren't just for cutting wood! Almost as long as saws have been around, people have played music on them. Thomas Flinn & Co. developed this saw with English player Charles Hindmarsh. For safely playing music, they've designed it so the teeth aren't set or sharpened and they stop about 4" from the bottom of the blade.

Very limited quantity available!


Save 33% on the Portamate 6-Shelf Lumber Rack

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Flex Arm Magnetic
LED Worklight

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Save on a New Workbench!

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Save 50% on the Starrett EXACT Measuring Tape

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Woodworking Tool Kit for Kids

Woodworking Tool Kit for Kids

Get your child into woodworking!

Rikon Bandsaws

Limited sale quantities


Earlex 2-Stage HVLP SprayPort

Save $150 for a
limited time!

Wood Slicer

Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

Perfect for Fall
camping trips!


The New Best of Fine Woodworking Volume 2

OVER 70% off while sale quantities last

Why and How of Woodworking

NEW The Intelligent Hand

NEW from Lost Art Press

Cut and Dried

Ingenious Mechanicks

Christopher Schwarz's newest title
Hands Employed Aright

Hands Employed Aright

From Founder and Editor of Mortise & Tenon Magazine, Joshua A. Klein

MicroJig GRR-Ripper Advanced GR-200 System

Make your workshop safer!

David Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guide

Makes it easy to hand cut perfect dovetails

Leigh B975 Box Joint and Beehive Jig

Click here
for more info

Lie Nielsen

Lie Nielsen
Hand Tools

Click here
for more info

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