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Earlex HV5500

Save $54.99 on the
Earlex HV5500 Sprayer Package Deal

In Fine Woodworking's test of HVLP Turbine Systems, the Earlex 5500 was chosen "Best Value" among a field of 14 top competitors! For the month of August you can save $40 on our package deal, which includes 1.5mm and 2.0mm spray tips, AND and get a free Spray Gun Cleaning Kit (a $14.99 value).

Save $54.99 during August 2019

Inside This Issue

Show Us Your Workshop
Threaded-Handle Ceremonial Gavel
Women in Woodworking
Sharpen This, Part 7
Show Us Your Woodworking
Poll: Farming the Work
Video: Timbermate Wood Filler
Show Us Your Woodcarving
Tool Review Archive
Efficient Woodworking
Book Review: Chairmaker's Workshop
Spring/Summer 2019 Catalog
The Highland Woodworker
Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud
Woodpeckers OneTime Tool

OneTIME Tool®
Fat Head Hook Rule

Aligning the end of your rule to the edge of your stock is a time-consuming chore at best. At worst, it's a source of dimensional error that starts creeping into your project. The Fat Head Hook Rule gives you a positive physical reference that puts the zero point of your rule exactly at the edge of your stock.

August 19th is the last day to order!
Efficient Woodworking

Efficient Woodworking with a Little Imagination
By Jeff Fleisher

A well thought out design and skilled craftsmanship are the hallmarks to a quality piece of woodworking. As a custom woodworker you normally have as much time as you need to design and create your 'masterpiece'. However, if you are in a situtation where you need to mass produce a large quantity of a wooden item then there is a third element that factors into the equation...efficiency.

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Upcoming Woodworking Classes in Atlanta

8/6 Hand Tool Sharpening
8/7 Finishing the Finish
8/15 Hand Cut Mortise and Tenon
8/17 Build a Tool Storage Box
8/17 Finishing 101
8/18 Bandsaw Basics
8/20 Build a Krenov-style Plane
8/22 Milling and Jointing Lumber
8/24 Beginning Turning
8/25 Basic Bowl Turning
8/27 Intro to Pen Turning
9/4 Taming the Skew
9/5 Table Saw Orientation
9/7 Hand Cut Dovetails
9/9-12 Cabinetmaking Basics
9/14-15 Fundamentals of Woodworking
9/17 Using Hand Planes
9/18 French Polish Workshop
9/21 Beginning Turning
9/21 Finishing 101
9/22 Basic Bowl Turning
9/24 Intro to Pen Turning
9/25 Hand Tool Sharpening
9/26 Milling and Jointing Lumber
9/28-29 Sloyd Inspired Carving

Pyrography Workshop with Julie Bender

Featured Class:
Pyrography Workshop
with Julie Bender
October 5-6, 2019

Julie Bender is one of the country’s preeminent artists of pyrography. Over the course of two days, Julie will provide students with a solid foundation of this intriguing art form that uses a heated tool to burn designs onto wood and other materials including leather, paper and found objects. Find our more about Julie on her website.

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Show Us Your Shop

Show Us Your Shop

We're sharing Steven Krause's 850 square foot garage workshop in Wisconsin.

View Steven's Shop
Show Us Your Woodworking

Show Us Your Woodworking

We're sharing John Moore's mesquite desktop project as well as a variety of guitars, both "cigar box" style guitars as well as "real" ones.

View John's Projects
Show Us Your Woodcarving

Show Us Your Woodcarving

We're sharing Donald Straka's nature carvings which are mostly realistic but still show the original grain or figure of the wood they are carved from.

View Donald's Carving Projects
Threaded-Handle Ceremonial Gavel

Turning the Corner: Woodturning a Threaded-Handle Ceremonial Gavel

Occasionally, Temple is asked to create a ceremonial gavel for an incoming or outgoing chairperson of an organization, and he find's that one of the ways to make this especially notable is to thread the handle into the gavel head.

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how he does it
Women in Woodworking

Women in Woodworking
Meet Anika Gandhi

This month, Char introduces us to Anika Gandhi, a physicist who discovered woodworking in 2008 and has since created her own following at Anika's DIY Life.

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Sticks in the Mud

Tips from Sticks
in the Mud

Jim discusses how he creates a safe working environment in his shop and also shares a money-saving tip on how he reuses the zippered plastic bags that blankets and comforters are sold in.

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Poll: Farming the Work

Poll: Farming Out the Hard Work

These days, you can avoid just about any woodworking job you don't like, yet still have a beautiful end product. This month's poll asks if you tend to farm out the parts of the project you don't like to other woodworkers or if you're a purist who has to do every single part of the project?

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our poll
Chairmaker's Workshop

Book Review:
Chairmaker's Workshop

For any woodworker seeking to build Post and Rung or Windsor chairs, Chairmaker's Workshop, by Drew Langsner is likely the only book needed. While beginning chairmakers will benefit the most from it, all who seek to build these styles, specially the variety of Windsor chairs, will find valuable instruction and advice herein.

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Woodworking Tool Reviews

Woodworking Tool Review Archive

Every month, Jeff Fleisher reviews a different tool that we sell here at Highland Woodworking. If you have been having trouble deciding whether to pick up the latest tool, check out our archive of thoughtfully considered reviews by Jeff to see if they can help you make a decision.

Click here to read
Jeff's tool reviews
Timbermate Wood Filler

Video: Timbermate Wood Filler

Matthew Morris shows off Timbermate's line of water-based wood fillers, explaining the benefits and what differentiates Timbermate Wood Fillers from more common wood fillers that contain solvents, acrylic or latex.

Check out other videos and product tour demos on our YouTube Channel.

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Chris Schwarz

Sharpen This, Part 7
The Burr
in the Saddle
By Christopher Schwarz

In Part 7 of his sharpening series, Chris Schwarz discusses the importance of the burr as well as how to remove it.

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New Tools and Deals for Your Workshop
Festool Dust Extractor

NEW 2019 Festool Mobile Dust Extractors

The new Festool CT MIDI I and CT MINI I Dust Extractors have a host of new features, including built-in Bluetooth, a redesigned hose garage, external filter access, touchscreen buttons, and more. Get a 2019 model today or save on our very limited quantity of the 2018 CT MIDI model!

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Bora PM-900 Workbench Caster Kit

NEW Bora PM-900 Workbench
Caster Kit

Add mobility to your shop with Bora's new workbench caster kit. Heavy-duty foot levers and mounting brackets allow you to move your bench with ease.

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Premium Workbenches
On Sale

We just received a large shipment of our premium Hofmann & Hammer workbenches and they're on sale now for a limited time at up to $200 off!

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The Highland Woodworker

Watch our latest episode of The Highland Woodworker featuring Phil Colson, a talented woodturner and an employee of Highland for over 30 years! Plus tool tips from Popular Woodworking and more!

Watch the latest episode!


The Difference Makers
By Marc Adams

Click here for more info

Bora Centipede Portable Workstand

Bora Centipede Portable Workstand

Click here for more info

Joiner's Work
By Peter Follansbee

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Wood Slicer

Wood Slicer Resaw Bandsaw Blade

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FWW Archive

Fine Woodworking Magazine Archive
Flash Drive

Save 20% while
supplies last

Charles Brock's Sculptured Plan Bundles

Save $70 for a
limited time!


Save $22 on the Portamate 6-Shelf Lumber Rack

Order now while sale quantities last

Save $10 on the
Flex Arm Magnetic
LED Worklight

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David Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guide

Makes it easy to hand cut perfect dovetails

Stanley 175th Anniversary Tape Measure - 10ft

Great Collector's Item!

Flip Catalog

Flip Through Our Summer 2019 Woodworking Catalog

Flip through now!
Quick Action Bar Clamps

Quick Action
Bar Clamps

Now back in stock!


Micro Jig GRR-Ripper Advanced GR-200 System

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Kid's Tool Kit

Woodworking Tool Kit for Kids

Click here for more info

Narex Spoon Carving Starter Kit

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Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig

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