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By Jeff Fleisher
New Market, VA

In each issue of Wood News, our monthly online woodworking magazine, we review a different tool that we sell here at Highland Woodworking.

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Jigs and Joinery

Kreg Accu-Cut Jig

Helps you get an accurate, clean cut either across or along the length of a piece of plywood or MDF.

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Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard

An innovative tool that has made a significant improvement to an important power tool accessory.

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Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig

Create quick and easy dovetails on your router table.

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Kreg Rip-Cut

If you need to 'break-down' large sheets of plywood into manageable sizes this is the jig for you.

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Micro Jig GRR-Rip Block

The ordinary pushblock has been reinvented to make it safer and more effective than ever before.

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MicroDial Tapering Jig

This tablesaw jig has several different uses including tapering, jointing, and straightening the edges of boards.

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Micro Jig GRR-Ripper Advanced GR-200 System

One of the safest ways to control a board as it passes over a tablesaw blade.

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Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig

Has a built-in clamping system to help shorten the time between drilling each pocket hole.

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Miter Trimmer

A must have for picture framers and anyone seeking the perfect miter joint.

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Leigh B975 Box Joint and Beehive Jig

The perfect jig for you to have in the shop to make box joint joinery.

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Wood Finishing

Earlex 3-Stage HVLP SprayPort

An extremely portable system that provides professional results and is easy to use.

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Earlex Spray Station HV5500 Pro HVLP System

Provides a low cost entry system to the world of spray finishing with excellent results.

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General Finishes
Stains and Dyes

Producers of a wide variety of both oil and water based finishes that provide just the right coloring.

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Mirka Abranet Mesh Abrasive

Provides phenomenal dust extraction across the entire abrasive surface and virtually dust-free sanding!

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Workbench Accessories

Benchcrafted Planing Stop

An elegant solution for holding a board securely on your benchtop while planing.

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Veritas Bench Hold Down

Provides the most holding force of any of the hold-downs that Jeff has ever used.

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Benchcrafted Moxon Vise Hardware

A high quality set of hardware that gives you the flexibility of building a twin-screw vise in a variety of configurations.

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Bandsaw Blades and Accessories

Bandsaw Blades

An excellent, everyday blade for your bandsaw.

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Wood Slicer Resaw
Bandsaw Blade

Rated by Fine Woodworking as "Best All-Round Performer" in their independent test for speed, flatness and smoothness!

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Kreg Precision Bandsaw Fence

Easy to install and built for precision, flexibility and ease of use.

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Bessey Heavy-Duty
Right Angle Clamp

Makes it easy to assemble picture frames or any project requiring a 45 degree joint plus the added benefit of creating T-joints.

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Klemmsia Cam-Action Clamp

Provides a unique clamping action that is both surprisingly strong as well as easy.

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Bessey Auto-Adjust
Toggle Clamps

Automatically adjust to different workpiece thicknesses while maintaining constant clamp pressure.

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Arbortech Ball Gouge

Gives you the speed of a power tool with the cut of a gouge.

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Record Power 12-Piece
Carving Chisel Set

An excellent set of tools to get you started in wood carving.

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Morakniv Wooden Spoon
Carving Set

A great set of knives to begin carving spoons!

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Drilling and Drill Bits

Veritas Power Tenon Cutter

Creates a clean, round tenon on both dimensioned wood and rough sticks or branches.

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Fisch Jennings Pattern Auger Bit

Excellent for boring with a bit brace and cut a clean hole in most woods.

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Fisch Wave Cutter Forstner Bit

Cuts clean, flat-bottomed holes in hard and soft woods.

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Hand Saws

Gyokucho Rip
Dozuki Saw

Great for all types of joinery that provides a very thin kerf and a smooth cut even in very hard woods.

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Bad Axe Saws

Made in the USA and backed by a 100% Lifetime Guarantee against all defects in material and workmanship.

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Veritas Gent's Saw

A special purpose saw that comes in handy when you're dealing with small parts and either need that small kerf blade or a very safe way to cut a small piece of wood.

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Veritas Double Edge Flush Cut Saw

A saw that is extremely useful when it comes to making cuts flush to the surface or edge of a board.

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Hand Tools

Veritas Low Angle Spokeshave

A great tool for shaping either a concave or convex surface.

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Narex Dovetail Chisels Set of 3

These chisels sharpen quickly and produce a keen edge.

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Auriou Rasps

Handmade and the perfect tool for hand sculpting your project.

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Knew Concepts Woodworkers Titanium Birdcage Fret Saw

Great for use in marquetry and cutting dovetails.

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Marking and Measuring

Stanley 175th Anniversary Measuring Tape

A collector's item that's also useful around the shop and at home!

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Pro Carpenter Left & Right Reading Tape

Includes tons of innovative features right at your fingertips.

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Woodworker's 6"
Dial Caliper

Use it to make outside, inside, depth and stepped measurements very quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.

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Starrett Combination Squares

The gold standard by which all other squares are measured for both accuracy and durability.

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Blue Spruce
Marking Knives

Based on the original Sloyd knife design and are both easy to use and easy to resharpen.

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David Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guide

Will improve your hand cut dovetails by helping you create dead-on square saw cuts.

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Vesper Double
Square Set

A pocket size square with interchangeable blades for use throughout the shop.

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Sterling Tool Works
Roubo Curves

Precision cut, thick gauge curves that will let you draw curves on full scale drawings.

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Sterling Tool Works
4" Double Square Set

A high quality measuring and marking set you'll want to keep handy in your shop.

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Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule

Specifically designed for furniture and cabinetmaking and come in multiple sizes.

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Hamilton Marking Gauge

The unique design plus the high-quality materials and construction make this tool a pleasure to use

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Caliper Comparison

The comparison of a fractional dial caliper to a digital caliper and the pros and cons of both.

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More Great Tools for Your Shop

Woodpeckers Mini
Carbide Scraper

A hand-held scraper that uses a standard carbide tooling insert cutter as a scraping blade.

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Beall Wood Buff Kit

Makes it quick and easy to produce a high luster on your woodworking projects.

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Hock Kitchen Knife Kit

A very fun project that will make a useful addition to your kitchen.

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Colwood Detail
Wood Burner

A professional quality woodburning (pyrography) system that can be used for any woodworking application.

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Festool Sysrock Worksite Radio

A fun accessory for Festool users that provides great sound quality for your workshop.

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Festool SysLite II LED Worklamp

A high performance LED light with a built-in recharagable battery.

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Trend Airshield Pro

A great defense against dust and sound in the workshop.

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DMT Dia-Sharp
Diamond Stone

Unlike other stones, they won't chip, crack or dish (hollow) while using them.

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