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The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill DVDs

The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill DVDs

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The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill DVD

For more than 30 years Roy Underhill has brought traditional hand-tool woodworking techniques to life on his much loved public TV show, The Woodwright's Shop. Now the treasure trove of historical information and inspiration contained in this great series is finally available on DVD.

Each season's 2-DVD set runs for 5-6 hours

Season 26 - 2006 - 2 DVD Set

  • A Ship in a Bottle — Ahoy Matey! Ever wonder how they get those ships in that bottle? In this video, Roy shows you how.
  • Barley Twist Table — In this two-episode project, Roy builds a project from the time of the English Civil War between Scotland, England & Wales (circa 1650).
  • Rustic chairs with Skye Gregson — Visit the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York and see how a lovely young lady makes wonderful rustic chairs out of sticks - no two alike.
  • Windsor Highchair with Curtis Buchanan — In another two-episode project, Roy learns how to build an elegant Windsor Highchair. Part one deals with the bottom half and demonstrates Curtis's wonderful turning techniques, while part two deals with making the top half of the chair. The techniques demonstrated here involve spindle making & steam shaping.
  • The Spirit of Woodcraft — Zen Master Roy discusses jedi woodworking. Ohmmmm.
  • Japanese Planes with John Reed Fox — Roy & John reveal the key to Japanese woodcraft through the use of planes, saws and chisels.
  • An English Garden Wheelbarrow — And yet one more two-part project, where Roy demonstrates that to build a wheelbarrow, first you have to build a wheel. Then you add the carriage part to finish the wheelbarrow.
  • Upholstering Your Seat — It's no good having a good chair without a good seat. Learn how to make your chair comfortable to sit on.
  • Old Woodworking Machines — Watch as Roy explores an old timey woodworking shop run by belts and pulleys
  • The Dovetail Variations — If you think you know dovetails, you better check this out.

Season 27 - 2007 - 2 DVD Set

  • Peter and the Box — Sometimes referred to as "Bible Boxes" these simple but elegant boxes from the 17th century are highly prized.
  • Ball & Socket Embroidery Stand — This two-part project is charming! An 18th century ball & socket embroidery stand that any wife would love to have. Learn to build the set-screw, the bentwood hoops and the yoke to complete the stand.
  • Screw Box for Wooden Threads — Wooden screws - wonderful, useful, beautiful and intriguing. Learn how to make your own.
  • French Work Bench – Part 1 — Ooh la la! Another two-part project, and it's a beautiful workbench! Only a French bench could be this pretty.
  • Violin Maker Joe Thrift — Roy & Joe show you how to make a fiddle - copied from a Stradivarius of course.
  • Candle Box with Secret Drawer — In the 1700's, a box was needed to store your candles. Roy shows how to build one of these unique & interesting boxes.
  • Parallelogram Plant Stand — An adjustable stand for various size potted plants. Roy works with both wood and metal.
  • German Woodcraft in America — Roy visits an old German workshop in Old Salem, NC.
  • Woodworking with Tillers International — Roy visits Tillers International just east of Kalamazoo, MI where they teach all sorts of rural trades - the old fashioned way.
  • The Sordid Blacksmith — Roy visits the blacksmith shop in Colonial Williamsburg and explores the "vulgar" art of blacksmithing.
  • Henry Ford's Museum Village — Visit Henry Ford's Greenfield Village filled with Americana representing people with the courage to make a difference.

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This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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