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Here's My Workshop!
By Don Johnson
Beaumont, TX

My father was a tool and die maker and a gunsmith for over 50 years. I learned a little from him about technique and especially patience for doing things right down to thousandths of an inch. I started working in my garage after I got married and spent about a year building fixtures for my retail store. For many years it was mostly home repairs and usually a project for myself during the week between Christmas and New Years when my store was closed. A few years ago, a good friend offered me a used combo mill/lathe which sparked the desire to make things again. Now I could make small objects using hard woods and maintain the tolerances I had been taught. It has been a great way to give me new challenges. I have died a few times and am legally blind but with patience I can get the results that I want. My wife has been super kind in supporting my new hobby. I would not be here without her.

In the 70's I built this 2 car garage in front of the existing 2 car garage and took over the existing garage as my workshop. The size of the shop is approximately 20' x 20'.

12 Years ago I closed in my garage and built another one toward the street so I could have a workshop and a 12' by 8' swim spa to aid in my health issues. For years I have been side stepping the hot tub to get to my tools.

This year I decided I would rather work in my shop than swim in it so I had the wall torn down and sold the tub then replaced the wall. The room is air conditioned. I painted the 50 year old cabinets and the floor to make it easier to clean.

I bought rolling carts for most of my machinery so I could move them away from the wall to get more room to work on 8' lumber, etc. This also makes clean-up a snap - just vacuum or mop the floor without having to work around legs. Easier to find things I drop also.

I had two 4-drawer tool chests with a kitchen counter on top. I bought 2 more 4 drawer chests. I spaced them in a rectangle to give me a place to sit between them on both sides. I found a granite dealer who had a scrap that I bought for half price to cover the 4 chests. I now have a huge workbench that is completely level with a perfect surface for assembly and one that will clean easily with razor blade. I left a 3 inch lip all the way around to have a clamping surface. I reused the counter top on a 4-legged stand for my sander, grinder and my dad's antique tool chest.

I am legally blind with a bad heart so I keep my projects small but have the time and patience to work in thousandths of an inch instead of 1/8ths. It takes hours but it keeps me busy.

On the left I have a Grizzly mill/lathe combo for turning wood up to about 6" for my comfort. I have made a few toys for my grandson, iPhone stands, wine stoppers, pen kits etc. I go for perfection rather than speed (someday I might succeed). I am the happiest I have ever been in my shop.

To keep the laundry free from saw dust I hung 2 shower curtains that open in the middle. If my wife is happy then I am happy. I have an electrician coming to clean up my ceiling and make it safer with some more LED lights coming (I need lots of light). I like 4200 lumens and 5,000 kelvin LED's for the best light. The Bud lamp is a relic from past life (with 5,000K LED light bulbs). I am putting 4 gang outlets in 3 places on the ceiling to have overhead access - no tripping on wires.

Like Superman, I now have my own inner sanctum. Life is good again. More thought than money got me here. I save my money now to buy tools and exotic hardwoods.

You can email Don at don4021@gmail.com .

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