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Here's My Workshop!
By Trevor OBrion
Las Vegas, NV

My name is Trevor OBrion, I'm 26 years old. My first experience in woodworking was WoodWorking 101, freshman year of high school. I've always loved building things, but didn't start my woodworking hobby until about 3, going on 4 years ago. I originally started in my single car garage at my apartment complex, but when I bought my first home, I knew the garage would be a dedicated workshop, which is 20' x 17' or 340 square feet. The ceiling is Approx 9' high. I wish I bought a house with a 3 car garage, I'm already running out of room.

Woodworking is my expensive hobby, it's a lot of fun and occupies a lot of my spare time. There is always more to learn and always more tools to buy.

When I first moved into the new house I added 3 extra circuits. One dedicated to the dust collector, another for my air compressor and the last for the ceiling lights, which I installed myself.

I installed one of those pull down attic stair cases. I have about 6' at the highest point and 4' at the lowest point above the whole workshop. I laid plywood over the rafters in the attic so I can walk around up there and have access for light storage. Not too much because it wasn't built for that.

My Sawstop is right in the middle of the garage. Whenever I buy sheet goods, I backup my truck in my driveway and slide the sheet goods from the bed of the truck right onto the tablesaw. When I do this, I have to roll the sheet good rack out of the way first. I normally keep the mobile wood (sheet good) rack parallel to the garage door because I don't have anywhere else to put it.

To the left of the tablesaw is my 6" Jet jointer, which is below the tablesaw and doesn't interfere with wood being cut on the tablesaw. Underneath the tablesaw, I built some drawers where I keep all of my tablesaw accessories: push sticks, dado cartridge, dado blade, tablesaw blades, ibox, Kreg Miter Gauge and everything else. On the side of the drawers, I store my Incra Miter Gauge and sled.

To the right of the tablesaw area, I have a completed router base, but no router table. Next to it I have a completed router table without the finished base. I still have to finish the one on the left and get rid of my original complete base to free up some room. The original base was a little bit too small so I had to make a bigger one.

Above the router area are my clamps and my hand tool cabinet.

To the left of that is my Rikon 14" Bandsaw , drill press w/ custom built drill press table and 13" Rigid Planer. Whenever I use the planer, I have to roll it out and connect the dust collection hose and roll it back once I'm done.

The back wall is my Jay Bates inspired miter saw station with a 12" Hitachi sliding compound miter saw and a rigid belt/spindle sander on the right. This station is where I store all 4 of my routers, belt/sheet/oscillating disc sanders, porter cable dovetail jig, jig saw, circular saw and all of my other portable tools. Hidden behind the station I have a 3' x 3' notched corner where I store my air compressor. I ran some air lines from the compressor, which go above my outfeed/layout table. I have one 50' and two 25' retractable air hoses. I also have two 30' retractable electrical connections up there too.

The wall on the left of the table saw area, is where I just built the bench to store my disk sander, work sharp, scroll saw and 8" low speed grinder. Above are my ladders and hardwood storage.

I mounted my Harbor Freight dust collector to the wall to save floor space and ran 4" PVC ducting to my planer, tablesaw and jointer. I have it set up so once I turn on the tool then the dust collector will automatically turn on. I do have to manually open/ close the blast gates though. You can see from the picture without my outfeed/ layout table, how I ran the PVC behind my tablesaw. My goal was to install the 4" PVC without it being a trip hazard, since the part that lies on the floor is hidden between tablesaw and outfeed table. The PVC never gets in the way.

Lastly, I have my workbench made out of 2x4's with a built-in cabinet. Above it is my bolt/hardware storage.

You can email Trevor at trevor7428@gmail.com .

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