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5 Third Place Winners

Each receives a $25 store credit at Highland Woodworking

Celtic Knot Insert Jig 3rd Place Winner

Lewis Kauffman's Celtic Knot Insert Jig

I use toggle clamps to hold a rolling pin blank secure when creating the slot for the Celtic Knot inserts. The clamp allows easy access and at the same time holds the blank immobile; allowing hands and fingers to be kept at a safe distance.

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Celtic Knot Insert Jig Celtic Knot Insert Jig Celtic Knot Insert Jig
Celtic Knot Insert Jig

Coping Sled 3rd Place Winner

Richard Nord's Coping Sled

I choose 3/8" polycarbonate for the base plate because it will not wear down the table top laminate surface and it dos not flex. The sled is guided by the router table fence set in line with the router bit's bearing. The sled top guide has a 3/4" adjustment range to accomodate various bit widths. Low profile Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps are simply the best made and most efficient I could find for this application. This sled is accurate, safe and a joy to use.

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Coping Sled Coping Sled

Sanding Block 3rd Place Winner

Mark Thiel's Sanding Block

Clamps a 1/4 sheet of sand paper to block that is large enough to easily hold. Screw head allows easy adjustments of clamping pressure for different thickness of paper. Dowels align top to bottom.

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Sanding Block

Fence Clamp 3rd Place Winner

Mark Thiel's Fence Clamp

This clamp attaches to the fence on my miter saw and easily adjust up and down the length. It easily clamps down to set the length for repetitive cuts.

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Fence Clamp

Chopsaw Stop 3rd Place Winner

Andrew Volk's Chopsaw Stop

This is the chop saw stop I have been using for over a year now. My fence is a 3/4" Baltic birch plywood "L" bracket topped with nominal 1 x 2 hardwood for stiffness and strength. The fence stretches both left and right of the saw. The top has a measuring tape attached for setting the cut length. The stop is also made from 3/4" Baltic birch plywood. The edges have UHMW to make durable and accurate stop references. The stop has two adjustable acrylic plastic strips with hairline indicators on them, one on each side, so the stop can be used on either left or right of the saw, and be independently calibrated. The acrylic strips are in a dado so they are close to the measuring tape on top of the fence, but do no rub or wear against it. Finally, a toggle clamp is used to hold the stop in place on the fence. The inside face of the fence has pressure-sensitive adhesive sandpaper on it to help hold the stop from sliding. The clamp foot has been replaced with a larger plywood pad to increase reach and allow a non-slip surface to be attached to it to provide further resistance to sliding.

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Chopsaw Stop Chopsaw Stop Chopsaw Stop

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