I'm getting ready to order some tools from Highland, but you don't seem to carry one of the items I want. I've seen it in a number of other catalogs, but not yours. Is there a reason you don't carry it?

Oh, yes! You've probably noticed our catalog is a little different from most. For instance we write our own copy rather than just relying on manufacturers' information. To do this we go through a rather lengthy and costly product evaluation process. We love our tools and take a proactive interest in making sure the goods we sell work as advertised. If it's an expensive item, then it must be the best. If it sells for less, it has to be a good value. When you read that we test a product, we actually try these tools out in our store shop and our home shops. It's likely the item in question did not meet our criteria, so we decided not to carry it. Every day someone comes up with a new woodworking whiz-bang. Some are useful and some aren't. We do our best to separate the innovative from the inane, so if you don't see it in our catalog there's probably a reason. And remember, if you ever have a product question, you can give us a call and talk to an actual woodworker.

Thanks for your question,
Chris Black
Highland Woodworking

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