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I am wanting to make raised panel doors on my router table. > A friend told me that I needed a speed controlled router. Would you give > me some information on this? Also, what type of router do you recommend?


In short, the answer to your question is "yes". You will need a speed controlled router. Not all router bits run safely at the same speed. Smaller diameter bits can be run at higher speeds than bits with a broad diameter. It is very important to control the speed of large router bits - in your case, raised panel bits. Large bits like those used to cut raised panels need to be slowed down to the 10,000 rpm range. Start at the slowest speed and work up only if necessary. Safety is key.

For raising panels, you should use a 3hp+ variable speed router. Non-variable speed routers can be attached to a router speed control. A router with 3 hp will give you the power needed to use the large panel bits. We recommend the 3.25 hp variable-speed Triton model TRC001 . Of course, the router will need to be placed in a router table - no freehanding allowed with the big bits.

Information on raising panels is available in print and on the web. Lonnie Bird's book Complete Illustrated Guide to Routers has an excellent section on routing raised panels.

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