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by Jack Olson
Thomasville, GA

I come from a woodworking family. My dad was a cabinetmaker, and now my older brother carries on that tradition. Though I was always interested, I never really got into woodworking seriously until I retired from my information technology job in 2006. Shortly before then, my wife and I built a new house, and somehow I sneaked plans for a workshop into the mix. Then I was off to the races with my woodworking passion.

Here in south Georgia, we are very fortunate to have an abundance of black cherry and longleaf pine – both superb woods for furniture making. Soon after I built my shop, a friend gave me three large cherry logs he had cut on his property south of town. I then found out about a local fireman who operates a portable sawmill and drying kiln on his off-days. Since then, I have been lucky to acquire several more cherry and longleaf pine logs, and have become good friends with the fireman! All of the furniture I have built has come from those logs.

My wife and I have always loved the simple beauty of Shaker-style furniture. As a result, most of what I build in my shop is just that. Since I started in 2006 I have built well over a hundred pieces. Most recently, I strayed a bit from the Shaker style and ventured into chair construction. I built two bow-arm Morris chairs, and then tried my hand at building an Arts & Crafts side chair. That was fun, but next on the docket is a Shaker harvest table – after I go on a scouting trip to find another cherry tree or two, that is!

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Jack can be reached directly via email at . See more photos on his website, .

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