Color Matching Basics

by Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

Without a doubt, matching a new veneer patch in an old table top to the surrounding area or replacing a missing element with a new piece of wood has to be one of the most frustrating areas of furniture restoration work. This is also true even when the repair is made with the same species and the grain patterns are very close. Here is what I do to get started.

1. Use old reclaimed material if possible. The older material will already possess some "patina", the natural darkening of the wood.

2. Match up the grain patterns as closely as possible.

3. Remember to take into account the existing color of the wood when adding another color. These two colors make a third and that is what you are going for.

4. Layering on the colors will allow for a gradual match.

5. Use scraps to practice on and be patient!

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