Here's My Shop!

by Michael Youngblood
Gordonsville, VA

I have been making things all my life. In fact, I have a small wooden dog I carved when I was ten years old, and two bears I carved when I was sixteen. Professionally, I was an art teacher. I have always had some sort of modest workshop (usually half of a garage). I used to think of myself as an artist...three dimensional art was my forte', wood sculpture mostly.

When I retired, I built my current work shop where I make furniture, restore antique furniture, repair stringed musical instruments, etc. I also have a mini lathe and milling machine and am scratch building a 1:8 scale 1932 Ford. Currently, I have the frame finished, the engine block roughed out and am working on the wire wheels. So, in the end, I no longer think of myself as an "artist", but rather as someone who likes to make things and, if I like it, I may make several.

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Gerstner Box
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RC Airplane: WACO YMF-5

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