Charles Brock's Plan Bundle
Helps Maloof-inspired Rocker Builders Meet the Challenge

Chuck – I really want to thank you for putting together such a fine Maloof Inspired Rocking Chair plan package. I have completed my rocker, and it is fantastic.

My rocker, entitled the Myles Deadrick Rocker, was built to commemorate the birth of our first grandchild, who is due March 1st. When my daughter-in-law informed us that we were going to become grandparents, I offered to build them a nice cradle, but she said that she would really like a rocking chair. So, I did a little googleing and found pictures of various rocker styles, hoping that she would select something I could build. Actually I had a little one up on them since I had already seen your ad in Fine Woodworking (I think), and had ordered your package, but I did not tell them that. The choice was clear – they wanted me to build your rocker :-) . Like you, I have admired Sam Maloof's designs and style for many years, and have his book and DVD in my collection.

While I'm not a professional woodworker, just a retired engineer who has had a long term interest in woodworking, I found your instructions to be precise and easy to follow. I would watch the DVD, read the book, and then watch the DVD several times more at each stage. I made my chair out of Maple since they wanted something lighter in color. I've included some photos of the end result. I think, and all who have seen/tried it think, that it turned out really great. It is very comfortable and should serve well the new mother and child.

Thank You!
Fred Deadrick. Livermore, California

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This day marks the first wax coat applied to the chair built in Atlanta. See what you think. I am still enthused enough to have started two more chairs. Lots of work and elbow grease. But it is worth it to me in the satisfaction that I have accomplished the task and met you fine woodworkers. Thanks for sharing this experience.

Eric Scott, New York

Hello Chuck,
Thanks for offering the instruction and template bundle. This is my first feeble attempt at your design. I'm sure you'll see I didn't pay as much attention to detail in some areas as you do, but I will on the next one. I bought most all the needed hand tools from Highland. I mainly do cabinetry for a living, but I intend to offer these rockers in the Dallas area and beyond. Do you have any marketing info that you'd be willing to share concerning these rockers?

The wood I used is very pretty, but surely a mistake for this application. I haven't been able to identifiy it, so I sent a sample to the forest products laboratory in Wisconsin. They think its Jatoba or Austrailian red palm. I refer to it as the wood from Hades. The most difficult wood I've ever worked with.

Thanks again,
Mark Day, Presidio Woodworks
Van Alstyne, Texas

Chuck, I can never adequately thank you enough for this experience! At every turn you have been there to encourage, push, and facilitate this dream. I admitted before that I had no business undertaking a project of this magnitude with the limited skills and understanding I had at the beginning. It was an obsession and all consuming desire I had to invest whatever was necessary to complete the chair.

It began when I first saw the Maloof rocker and then purchased your DVD plan bundle. But more importantly when I met you in Atlanta and you spent a couple of hours with me, I began to think the impossible might indeed be possible. I read everything I could find on Sam Maloof, watched your video, read the manual and tried to keep focused on one step at a time. At times, my wife had to think I was crazy! I watched the video every morning with coffee and every evening after work. I re-watched each section before I went to the basement to work on that chapter.

Though I invested a lot of time, thought, and energy, it would have been impossible if you had not spent all your time organizing, writing, photographing, and videoing all the information! Often I would think of a concern or detail and couldn't remember where I read or heard it. That just proved you had thought to include that minute detail somewhere. It was all there! When I had questions, you responded almost immediately. I'm sure I wasn't the only one asking all those questions, so I don't know how you did it and had a life of your own at all.

I still need to do the beeswax/oil finish but brought the chair up to enjoy rocking. It is beautiful! It represents an outstanding success on your part as a teacher! The biggest surprise of all is how comfortable and perfect the contour of the spindles matches my back. It is a custom fit. Thanks for giving me the spindle pattern when I was concerned I might have distorted my pattern!

I love this chair even more than my obsession/desire to build it. THANKS AGAIN EVER SO MUCH!

Michael Justice

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