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I am having a problem working with veneer. When I have larger sheets, say 12 inches wide, they always seem to ripple on me, no matter how I clamp it. Is there such a problem as using the wrong glue? Please help!

Malcolm Wilson



Yellow or white glue is perfectly fine to use for gluing veneer.

You may want to try a very low nap foam roller to apply the glue evenly and in the correct amount. It sounds like you may be applying too much glue and/or not applying enough pressure to the glue up while the glue dries.

Also, you would need to use backing cauls to clamp against the veneer and keep it good and flat while the glue dries. The cauls need to back fully the entire area of the veneer. You may want to use two 3/4" thick MDF or plywood cauls. Wax the surface so it will not stick to the veneer or use a sheet of wax paper between the backing cauls and the veneer.

Remember that getting clamping pressure to the center of your glue up is important. If you do not have deep reach clamps, consider using a board on edge to help transfer some clamping pressure to the center of your 3/4" clamping backer cauls.

If you are gluing really figured wood with lots of curl and bubbles, consider treating with this product first:


Ed Scent
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