2008 - 2009  
There's always more to learn when you spend a day or a week with one of our gifted woodworking instructors. Many classes fill up quickly, so please register now to make sure we hold a spot for you.
August 9-10
Antique Restoration

August 16-17
Bowl Turning Workshop

August 23
Intro to Chip Carving

August 23
Beginning Turning

September 6
Basic Bowl Turning

September 7
Turning Pens

September 13
Sharpening for Turners

September 16
Sharpening Jim's Way

September 19
Milk Paint Finishes with Curtis Buchanan

September 20
One Day Comb-Back Chair Seminar with Curtis Buchanan

September 21-27
Make a Comb-Back Chair Workshop with Curtis Buchanan

September 27
Beginning Turning

September 27
How to Make a Computer Desk

October 4-5
Bowl Turning Workshop

October 11-12
Antique Restoration

October 15
Scribe Rule Timber Framing

October 17
Bookcase Design

October 18
Make and Take a Bookcase

October 18
Basic Bowl Turning

October 19
Hollow Vessel Turning

October 20-23
Build a Base Cabinet with Drawer

October 22
French Polish Workshop

October 25
Turning Lidded Boxes

October 26
Turning an Ogee Shaped Bowl with Lid & Finial

October 29
Square Rule Timber Framing

November 1
Turning Lidded Vessels

November 2
Turning Pens

November 3-6
Build a Shaker Table

November 5
Gilding and Gold Leafing

November 8
Beginning Turning

November 15-16
From a Bowl to a Platter

November 15
Basic Router Skills

November 16
Intermediate Router Skills

November 22
Gift Ideas from the Lathe

December 6-7
Bowl Turning Workshop

December 16
Make a Gift Box

February 27, 2009
Form Follow Function: Exploring the Maloof Rocker with Charles Brock

Feb. 28-March 1, 2009
Building a Maloof-Inspired Rocking Chair with Charles Brock

Classes Suitable for Teens

Q & A
Two years ago, lightning struck a large red oak tree near my house. It survived the lightning strike, but it has been sick looking for the past two summers. If I go ahead and take the tree out this fall, can the tree be sawed into lumber?  I wonder if the lightning damages the wood in any way for woodworking purposes?
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Workshop on the Maloof-Inspired Rocking Chair

Woodworkers from around the country converged on Highland Woodworking July 11-13, 2008 to study the design and construction of the revered "Maloof-inspired" rocking chair. The 3-day workshop was facilitated by Charles Brock and assisted by Cecil Cheves. The workshop will return to Highland Woodworking February 27 - March 1, 2009.

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Finishing Wood
with Alan Noel


I began my career in antique restoration waaaay back in the early seventies while in
college. I needed a part time job to help out with expenses and landed in an antique repair and
restoration shop as an all around gopher and quite often, the brunt of many practical jokes that actually turned out to be rather worthwhile learning experiences. Needless to say, having hands stained for weeks on end leads one to believe there has to be a better way.

Turn a Pepper Mill
By Fred Kachelhofer
Barnesville Woodturners

Nick Cook is well known for his turned pepper mills. I have twice watched him turn a pepper mill, and have also read the excellent article posted on his website. When I tried it myself, however, I found it difficult to get the pieces to align on the four jaw chuck after turning the tenons so as not to be off center when changing ends in the drilling process. After various trials, I have arrived at a method which I would like to share with you.


Update on MDF Faceplates

In the July issue of Wood News Online , Fred Kachelhofer shared with us his method for making lathe faceplates out of MDF.


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Calling All Period
Furniture Makers  
The Society of American Period Furniture Makers will hold its annual mid-summer conference August 8-10, 2008 at Rockingham Community College in Wentworth, NC.
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