Maloof-Style Rocker Seminar

Charles Brock forwarded us a note from Lee Fox, a proud student of his from Texas who built a Maloof-style rocker after taking the first class that Charles taught at Highland last year.

Here's what it said:

Highland's Upcoming Woodworking Class Schedule in Atlanta

Many classes fill up quickly, so please register now to make sure we hold a spot for you.

February 14, 2009
Hollow Vessel Turning

February 15, 2009
Basic Bowl Turning

February 21-22, 2009

Beginning Turning Workshop

February 25, 2009
Gilding and Gold Leafing

February 28, 2009
Build a Durable Picture Frame

February 27, 2009
Form Follows Function: Exploring the Maloof Rocking Chair with Charles Brock

Feb. 28-March 1, 2009
Building a Maloof-Inspired Rocker with Charles Brock

March 7, 2009
Learn to Use the Skew

March 7-8, 2009
Cabinet Building Workshop

March 8, 2009
Make a Pepper Grinder

March 14, 2009
Furniture Repair

March 14, 2009
Intro to Chip Carving

March 14-15, 2009
Turning Lamps & Candlesticks

March 18-22, 2009
Altar in Your Space

March 25, 2009
Quick Wood Finishes

March 28-29, 2009
Hand Plane Clinic

March 28-29, 2009
From a Bowl to a Platter

April 18, 2009
Basic Bowl Turning

April 19, 2009
Basic Bowl Turning

April 18-19, 2009
Antique Restoration

April 22, 2009
Intro to Sharpening

April 25-26, 2009
Beginning Turning Workshop

April 28, 2009
Scraper Secrets

April 29, 2009
French Polishing

September 20-26, 2009
Build a Continuous Arm Rocker with Curtis Buchanan
October 24, 2009
Hand Joinery for Fine Furniture Making with Frank Klausz

October 25, 2009
Hands-On Joinery w/ Frank Klausz

Classes Suitable for Teens

Saturday Mornings at Highland
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We invite you to attend one of our free educational woodworking demonstrations which take place every Saturday morning at 10 AM here in our Atlanta retail store.
If you are interested in teaching one of our Saturday morning demonstrations, please send an email to Alexandra . (We compensate Saturday Morning instructors with a $50 store Gift Certificate.)


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Feedback About Dilo's Unusually Small Workshop   
Woodworking tools  
Our illustrated article by Dilo Marcio Fernandino in the January issue of Wood News generated far more reader response than any other article we've ever published. Woodworkers from around the world identified with Dilo's small shop dilemma and lauded his craftsmanship. Even some woodworking forums picked up on Dilo's incredible story.


Genesis of a Cabinet
By Dilo Marcio Fernandino
Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
Dilo, a True Craftsman
A photo of a Rio-rosewood carved cabinet appeared with my article in the January 2009 issue of Wood News That cabinet is intended to serve as the upper cabinet of a two-bodied cabinet (like the American highboy). Guided by my own interpretation of traditional Dom Jose I style principles, I am working towards completion of this assembly relying exclusively on hand tools and my usual carving methods (which replace the more popular mechanized woodworking operations).

Presently I am facing the sweet challenge of conceiving and building the corresponding lower cabinet in which I am sure to encounter some new and difficult technical issues.


Next Month in
Wood News:
A Brazilian Woodworker's Exquisite Wooden Globe  
Woodworking Workbench  
Has Brazil become a mecca for fine woodworking? Apparently so, for Dilo's friend, Marco Aurelio R. Guimarães, has sent us an article describing his amazing intricate construction of a 1:40,000,000 scale wooden model of our Planet Earth. Watch for it in next month's Wood News .

Q & A
I purchased one of your magnetic dial indicators but there were no directions included. It looks complicated. How am I supposed to use this thing?
E-mail us with your woodworking questions. If yours is selected for publication, we'll send you a free Highland Woodworking hat.

Going Pro as a Woodworker
Part 5 of a Series:
Finding Good Suppliers
By Douglas Bittinger
Smoky Mountain Woodworks  
As a hobbyist woodworker, going to the local woodworking supply store and buying a board or two and some supplies at retail as you need them is convenient, fairly affordable and sensible. But as you move into production work, you'll need to find suppliers that can get you what you need in larger quantities and at better prices. 

Thoughts on Finding Suppliers:

Why Not Write
Your Own Article
for Wood News?
We actively solicit contributions of editorial material (articles, photos and videos) from our customers and readership, and for every one we accept and publish in Wood News Online , we will compensate the contributor. We typically pay up to $100 (in the form of a store gift certificate) for a thousand-word article with photos. The amount of the gift certificate may be prorated for shorter articles. Articles submitted may be edited by us at our discretion, and compensation may vary depending on the published length.

The Wood Slicer:
Resawing Sublime
Resawing is all about making thick boards thinner without planing off all the excess thickness (thus unnecessarily wasting your valuable lumber). More than any other tool we know of, our exclusive Wood Slicer resawing blade makes resawing a pleasure.
Don't believe us? We invite you to order a Wood Slicer to fit your own bandsaw. After using it, if you're not raving about how well it performs, just return it to us within 60 days and we'll refund all your money, including domestic Priority Mail postage costs.

Great Price on our
Very Best German Woodworking Workbench

Our large Hoffman & Hammer traditional workbench is currently on sale at $200 off. Roy Underhill just purchased 12 of these workbenches from us to outfit his new woodworking school in North Carolina.

We have just a few of these large Hoffman & Hammer workbenches on hand available for immediate delivery. This could be a great time to upgrade your own woodworking bench:

Finishing Wood
with Alan Noel


With all the products available to clean and polish furniture that are available out there, it's easy to be overwhelmed when it comes to deciding what to use on your prized woodworking projects, as well as on antiques handed down by your family.

Here's what works for me:

This Month's Featured Highland Staff Member

  Sidney Dew
Sidney came on board Highland Woodworking 24 years ago. His woodworking specialties have included picture framing and finishing; the latter has steered him into studying faux finishing techniques, which he puts to good use helping customers. He is locally famed for an unusual sense of humor and unfailing willingness to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever needed.

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