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Question: What tools would Highland recommend for outfitting a basic woodworking shop in my garage?
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June 9
Sharpening Hand Tools

June 14
Intro to Marquetry

June 16-18
Build a Shaker Table

June 21-22
Woodworking Skills for Beginners

June 25
Wood Coloring Basics

June 29
Gift Ideas from the Lathe

July 9
French Polishing Workshop

July 11
Exploring the Maloof Rocking Chair

July 12-13
Building a Maloof-Inspired Rocker

July 12-13
Women in Woodworking: More Power Tools

July 18
Bookcase Design

July 19
Make and Take a Bookcase

July 19
Build a Hardwood Skateboard

July 23
Quick Wood Finishes

July 26
Beginning Wood Turning

August 2
Basic Bowl Turning

August 3
Hollow Vessel Turning

August 9-10
Antique Restoration

September 7
Power Tool Primer

September 19
Milk Paint Finishes with Curtis Buchanan

September 20
One Day Comb-Back Chair Seminar with Curtis Buchanan

September 21-27
Make a Comb-Back Chair Workshop with Curtis Buchanan

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Exquisite John Jordan
Turning Tools
Highland Woodworking is excited to announce the addition of John Jordan Turning Tools! John is an internationally renowned wood turner and teacher whose works have graced The Renwick Gallery of The Smithsonian, The White House, The Boston Museum of Fine Art and Atlanta's High Museum of Art.
John Jordan tools have been developed over time and are a result of his many years of turning pieces that are known for their creative detail and superb texturing. The fine reputation that follows him is echoed in the unique and excellent turning tools he has brought to market.

How to Beat those Summer Rust Woes in your Shop
Summer's high humidity often brings with it an acceleration in how fast your favorite woodworking tools begin to accumulate rust. Here are some tips for preventing and removing rust in your shop.

Making a Veneer
Compass Rose

By P. Michael Henderson
Veneer is a versatile medium that allows the woodworker to create decorative elements that perhaps could not be created in solid wood.  While the possibilities are limited only by the veneer worker’s imagination, this article describes in detail how to make a decorative compass rose, similar to the one shown in the tray above.

Finishing Wood
with Alan Noel
Coping with Grain Reversal

When coloring softwoods such as pine, "grain reversal" can be very frustrating and very hard to deal with. Grain reversal is when the softer areas of the wood grain being stained absorbs more color than the harder areas of the grain. Grain reversal occurs most often on soft woods and to a much lesser extent, on harder woods because of the different absorption rates and densities of the two types of woods. When this happens there are very distinct differences of color and blending these areas together can be difficult.

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June's Featured Tool:
The Elbo Hollowing Tool
This innovative tool has single-handedly taken all the drudgery out of hollowing out the endgrain when turning a vessel.


Doug Hall, our resident expert on making fly rods using hand tools, will give a free hour-long demonstration at 10 AM on Saturday, June 14, 2008, as part of our ongoing exciting Saturday Mornings at Highland series.

Saturday Mornings at Highland
They're Always FREE!

Our popular series of free educational woodworking demonstrations continues every Saturday morning at 10 AM here in our Atlanta retail store. We welcome your participation! SCHEDULE

Calling All Period
Furniture Makers
The Society of American Period Furniture Makers will hold its annual mid-summer conference August 8-10, 2008 at Rockingham Community College in Wentworth, NC.


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