Highland Woodworking Wood News Online: When the Levee Breaks by Alan Noel
Highland Woodworking Wood News Online When the Levee Breaks by Alan Noel

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When the Levee Breaks

by Alan Noel

Flooded Room Seems Ol' Man Winter took his time getting started this season. Now that he has cooled things off, it's that time of year when those unwrapped pipes burst on us unsuspecting souls when we are away from home or snoring away. Or to make things even worse, you could get caught in the middle of a storm with the power interrupted, with broken water pipes, a flooded finished basement or water flowing from the ceiling, with no way to get the water out unless you have a generator to power up a wet/dry vacuum or a pump.

So, what do you do in case of an emergency? Here are a few tips on how to help limit the amount of damage to your furniture, should you suddenly find yourself surrounded by water:

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