Highland Woodworking Wood News Online: A Gallery of Highland Woodworking's Antique Woodworking Tools, January 2007

A Gallery of Highland Woodworking's Antique Woodworking Tools

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Mortise GaugeFore PlaneFore Plane, View 2
Ian Sorby Fore Plane BladeFore Plane, View 3Fore Plane Handle Detail
Smoothing PlaneSmoothing Plane, View 2Smoothing Plane, View 3
Plough PlanePlough Plane, View 2Plough Plane, View 3
Marples Trade BraceMarples Trade Brace, View 2Marples Trade Brace Tip
Marples Trade Brace Knob DetailBit BraceBit Brace Knob Detail
Bit Brace Handle DetailBit Brace Tip DetailSide Bead Moulding Plane
Side Bead Moulding Plane DetailRosewood Square with Brass InlayRosewood Square Brass Inlay Detail

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