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Here's My Workshop!

by Ken Gaidos
Nolensville, TN

I have been a turner since 2003 when my wife called me into the great room to watch Norm Abrams cut a chunk of log off, split it and turn a side grain bowl on TV. I said, “I can do that”. So, I got my chainsaw and ventured into the woods on our farm, cut off a piece of ash, mounted it on my $200 Ridgid lathe and turned my first bowl.

Well, all of our three children thought it was great. The spalted ash was quite impressive and they wanted one. In short I was hooked.

Soon I was purchasing a 1640 Oneway lathe and being a tool enthusiast, I bought every tool in sight. I enjoyed turning large pieces and needed something larger. So, I added a 4224 Powermatic. Now a Stubby from Australia is my lathe of choice. Everything I have learned has come by Woodturning Magazine, Woodturning Design, AAW Magazine, videos and attending demonstrations. In 2005 I received a Tennessee Association Scholarship and attended a three day workshop at Trent Bosch’s studio.

I turn in a shop, plain and simple, nothing fancy. It is in a barn built in 1926 on our farm. I turned the milking part into my shop by removing the stalls. It does have a concrete floor, though not level. It had a trough down the middle for cleaning. That was filled in, the walls insulated and covered with sheetrock. My heat is every propane and kerosene heater I could buy. My air conditioner is a used window unit I placed in the back wall.

Four years ago I had the opportunity to acquire a 200 year old log cabin. Two friends and I disassembled, marked every log, and rebuilt it on a pasture next to the house overlooking the lake. This is where I store all of my saleable turnings.

Woodturning has now dominated my waking hours. I feel like I am 20 years behind. In actuality, I am probably 40 years behind and I keep trying to catch up. I enjoy turning many different forms from bowls to hollow forms. I wish I could settle on one or two basic forms and perfect those. However, I have not yet been able to achieve that goal. I want to try everything.

You can email Ken at kgaidos@yahoo.com , or check out his website at http://www.woodturningsbykengaidos.com/ .

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